BH Update - April 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  1. Cultural Specific Treatment:  Hennepin County continues to work with the Native American Tribes and DHS representation to bring forward plan or concept for a funding stream for traditional healers.  They will likely be coming to MACSSA for support/resolution.  Possible presentation by July.
  2. Legislation:  Discussion regarding recent legislation by People Inc., NAMI and Hospital Associations to end contract requirement and local mental health authority involvement.  Lack of understanding of role counties have played in local mental health services.  DHS is supporting this policy change.  County concern regarding local impact on unfunded clients as the effort appears only aimed at 3rd party reimbursed clients.  Also, process of IRTS start up is not the barrier as most of the legislation has indicated but actual building and development costs not being covered.  A smaller piece of legislation appears to be moving forward on specific licensing process changes, but unclear what could get rolled into omnibus bill.  Lobby staff are tracking.  Behavioral Group wants to move forward proactively in trying to begin the conversation that would address issues of local mental health authority.  More discussion with MACSSA leadership on best approach.
  3.  SUD Update: Federal Waiver 1115 was resubmitted.  Another public comment period available.  Julie Ellis and Rob Rohret participated in DHS/MACSSA partnership meeting to review county priorities and concerns.  Another meeting planned in two weeks.  Trying to get on to MACSSA Forum this month to get feedback from larger group on what those priority concerns should be.  (Priorities list attached)

Competency Restoration:- The Behavioral Topic Group has requested presentation by State CRP staff, hopefully in July.  Continued confusion on what the impact of CRP Continuous Improvement plan.  No one stepping forward to coordinate planning regarding courts, jail and other placement options.  Hennepin County participated in a a recent Webex with CRP group with little insight gained.  MACSSA members are encouraged to speak with their judges and county attorneys to determine local impact as this moves forward. 

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

Following Legislative items around Costs shifts and CRP.  Most of these are on MACSSA radar and Eric and Crew following!

New Trends in This Area:  NA

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  
Local Mental Health Authority and County position

Legislative Impacts:  

State changes in major systems continue to have cost and operational impact on counties.  Examples; CRP, SUD,

Supporting Materials:  
SUD Reform Priorities List


Jerry Pederson, Julie Ellis
Craig Meyers, Denise Kirmis, Robert Rohret, Leah Kaiser, Emily Schugg, Gina Bossert

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