BH Update - February 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  1. SUD Reform: This week’s phone conference with DHS to discuss a partnership between DHS and counties to work through many identified issues went well.  DHS will make formal request through MACSSA for county members who will represent the issues statewide.  St Louis County has held two provider meetings and DHS was supportive in sending staff to present information; providers had many questions for DHS.  Issues are being identified by counties regarding operational concerns for SUD reform role out.  (Attached)  One approach that could be taken is for counties to take on pieces to work on/experiment with solutions and finally share.  An example of this is utilization reviews:  Hennepin already does this and could share their experience.  Responses from DHS to many of the questions seem to be different which is confusing.  Announcement should come soon from MACSSA for representation for this group. 
  2. CRP and Direct Care and Treatment:  Commissioner Piper has stated that once someone does not meet medical criteria, DHS’s position is that the person cannot remain hospitalized.  AMRTC is willing to work with providers to do CRP in the community setting. (Dakota County Emily Schugg) will invite us to the meeting they host with AMRTC  (at the last meeting AMRTC indicated they are willing to work with providers to do CRP. 
  3. RFP for all AMHI/CSP grants:  This was announced recently and is an expected change by 2021.  Item tabled to next meeting.
  4. Treatment services specific to cultures:  Leah indicated that a Demonstration project is possible to look at funding for Native American Traditional Healing options.  Item also tabled for next meeting for possible MACSSA support. 

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

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Contact(s):  Julie Ellis, Jerry Pederson

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