BH Update - March 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  1. Discussion on county rise in CCDTF expenses.  Suggested one possibility - IMD higher share for counties to pay.  30-40 facilities converted to IMD’s.  No other referral options.   If we had to refer to IMD facilities.  State no longer covering the county share?  Might be a reason for the costs going up.
  2. SUD Update: Federal Waiver 1115 moving forward.  Plan is to position state in collecting federal funding. Could help with some county costs.  DHS applying for the waiver- application going out Tuesday to CMS to allow fed funding for IMD programs and redesign the system of care.  15-day period for questions, then 30-day national comment period, approved by around June of this year.  Included withdrawal management to be eligible for this funding.  DHS at end of this month sending out provider RFP to IMD programs who are eligible for funding.  Some uncertainty how health plans will accommodate payment and admin concerns.  Pretty ambitious.  must be an IMD.  16 around the state.  Will there be providers who apply?  List is posted on DHS site.  Plan is to have in place by July.  Facilities/providers would need to provide full continuum of SUD Service.  Would Bring CCBHC into following year.  MACSSA/DHS workgroup formed to address SUD changes (Julie Ellis is our topic group contact.)  Very low rate for Care Coordination ($45/hour).  Is there potential for pilot from a county to test out some of these changes?  Group generally supportive of this option.
  3. Cultural Specific Treatment-- Nonprofits and several counties, Humphrey Institute in planning around- grad program- with a human service design.   create a funding stream for healing therapy for native cultures Work with the tribes to direct how the funding should take shape and get legislature to address.  Work group conversing with tribes- discussing.   Current treatment structures not working. they support moving it in this space.  Possible moving forward for MACSSA support/Forum.  Multiple meetings with tribal structures. They are supported of engaging with MACSSA. Leah K. is the MACSSA lead on this.  Would invite Amanda Calmbacher to present to MACSSA for project understanding
  4. Competency Restoration- Topic group invited to participate in phone conf. call to discuss with state March 12th; Stevens, KyleeAnn S (DHS); Underwood, Wendy L (DHS); Vanderveen-Nagel, Lisa R (DHS); Sullivan, Beth G (DHS); Olson, Carol J (DHS) Hirachan, Soniya X (DHS).  Already bills to address cost shift concern(HF3201/SF2823).  But operational and process problems. Where is client to go?  More info to come. Community CRP is of interest.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

Following Legislative items around Costs shifts and CRP.  Most of these are on MACSSA radar and Eric and Crew following!

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

State changes in major systems continue to have cost and operational impact on counties.  Examples; CRP, SUD,

Supporting Materials:  

Contact(s):  Jerry Pederson, Julie Ellis/, Denise Kirmis, Robert Rohret, Linda Curran, Leah Kaiser, Emily Schugg, Gina Bossert

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