Behavioral Health Update - January 2019

Key Highlights This Month:  

SUD Reform: 

Withdrawal Management continues to be delayed. Direct access timeline remains very unclear.  A billing mechanism is not done.  It appears the state is having a hard time connecting the Danes form to MMIS.   There continues to be concern by counties of the impact on levy dollars and service. 

 Four areas were discussed at the recent phone meeting that MACSSA will consider legislatively for SUD reform:

  1.  Who can do assessments (mandate that DHS develop such requirements by a set date)
  2. Dual Credentialing is what is needed in the future (this won’t happen this session)
  3. Eliminate the county cost share
  4. Supervision of care coordination needs to mirror mental health supervision

Also discussed was the problem of DPS statutes 169A.70 (DUI) and the obligation of counties to provide assessments.  Elizabeth Emerson will be contacting Carrie Briones (DPS legislative contact) and have a conversation about the updating of 169A.70. 

Brian Zerbes will be leaving DHS at the end of the month.

 Competency Restoration Program:

  • A MACSSA Legislative proposal has been submitted and will be voted on at the next MACSSA meeting. Nice work Deb S.

Crisis Services:

  • A MACSSA Legislative proposal for Crisis Services has been submitted and will be voted on at the next MACSSA meeting.

 Uniform Standards Legislation:

*A broad stakeholder group has been working on aligning many Mental Health service statutes as part of a Uniform Standards effort.  The latest version is attached.  Several members of the Behavioral topic group have been reviewing to identify any major concerns from a county perspective.  Others are encouraged to track the state effort to assure no surprises..

Civil Commitment Legislation:

  • NAMI is bringing forward civil commitment statute changes and has been working with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Several county members provided feedback to their latest version and helped change some proposed language regarding unfunded services that would have been required by counties.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  There continue to be a lot of moving system parts in the area of Behavioral Health.  It is important that counties stay informed on what direction these changes are headed.

Legislative Impacts:  MACSSA has numerous support and promote positions in the area of Behavioral Health.  SUD Reform and CRP are top items.

 Supporting Materials:  Uniform Service Standards (USS) - Phase I Planning 


Julie Ellis

Jerry Pederson

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