Behavioral Health Update - June 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

SUD Reform:
DHS is still waiting for CMS approval for 1115 Waiver and other reform requests.  All have been submitted.  If approval soon expect implementation rolling out after July.  It has been determined that CHATS will not be used for Rule 25 eligibility and payment.  Counties will determine eligibility and need to enter time span.  RFP participation with 1115 waiver has been sent out.  It is important that counties encourage and work with residential providers who are impacted by the IMD status change.  The placing cost savings for counties if a provider is participating is significant.  23% of cost share vs 1.5%.  There is a June 25th deadline for participation!!!  Some County concern about state enrollment operations to handle all the SUD provider changes.  Attached, please find a short list of potential action items for counties to consider in preparation for SUD reform.   

 MH Legislation:
As all know many things vetoed by the Governor!    The MH bonding legislation was positive and an RFP should come out soon.

AMHI/ Grants:
State is rolling out new process for AMHI grant applications.  AMHI coordinators have been participating in state meetings.  All changes to take effect by 2020.  State trying to assure the AMHI is treated as initiative, there are outcomes and Governance of the dollars have broad stakeholder authority/participation.

 Competency Restoration: DHS/DCT will be presenting in July to MACSSA

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  NA

New Trends in This Area:  NA

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic: NA  

Legislative Impacts:  NA

Supporting Materials:  

Action Items for Counties to Consider in Preparation for SUD Reform.

Julie Ellis, Jerry Pederson

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