Behavioral Health Update - May 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • Competency Restoration:  we have confirmation that Marshall Smith and Dr. KyleeAnn Stevens will be coming in July to MACSSA.
  •  SUD Reform:   Most likely will be back on MACSSA agenda in July again.  Robert and Julie participated in a phone conference Friday afternoon with the group.  You may have seen the message issued by DHS concerning the discontinuation of the ITV’s.  To clarify:  these are merely put on hold until we have information that is more solid to share.   They will be reinstated when DHS is ready to roll out more information.  The WebEx’s are still planned and will proceed as normal.  New codes were introduced as well as some unit limits.   There is pending legislation that could change the requirements for Rule 25 Assessors/Comprehensive assessments.  The comparison grid is  very draft but you might find it helpful to see what is being discussed( Attached)   Treatment Coordination and Peer Recovery Support will be limited to 8 units per day max (2 hours).  A comprehensive assessment is only allowed to be billed up to 2 times in a 6 month period. NO services are MA billable unless prior approved so providers will not be able to provide service and bill MA retro to 7/1 if the waiver is not approved before 7/1.     5/21/18 is the new expected release date for the 1115 waiver for IMD providers. 
  •  County/AMRTC/DHS meetings:  These informational type meetings are happening and there is interest statewide in participating.  Jerry and Julie received a question from someone in a rural county asking about these meetings and could a smaller county perspective also be represented at them?    How could we make this happen and how do we share this information with others (could someone check in at this meeting on a regular basis?)
  • We have a couple Representatives from the Behavioral Health Topic Group on the Uniform Standards workgroup, (Craig Meyers and Denise Kirmis) to participate in any discussion regarding Local Mental Health Authority issues.  We will bring forward any information through our status updates as able.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  NA

 New Trends in This Area:  NA

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic: NA  

Legislative Impacts:  NA

Supporting Materials:  
Preserving Rule 25 assessor workforce proposal 041718


Julie Ellis/Jerry Pederson

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