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Behavioral Health Update - September 2018

Key Highlights in this topic/WORKGROUP for the PREVIOUS month:

SUD Reform: 

  • CMS has given approval for State led SUD Reform and implementation has begun. Many questions remain as to the impact on counties and providers.  Health plans are aware of changes and contract amendments will be negotiated August/September and are expected to be finalized October with CMS.  Most likely will not pay for new services before this.
  • There are several legislative proposals for MACSSA that appear to be needed to allow counties the ability to provide services (Treatment Coordination/Comprehensive Assessments). Mainly around supervision for billing purposes.  These requirements are dictated by drug and alcohol licensure requirements and are stringent.  Most counties will not be able to meet the supervision requirements.  Julie and Jerry will be discussing with Erik and Stacy if these should all be rolled into one proposal and/or the consideration of a non- consolidated fund participation position.
  • It continues to be a concern that counties will have little say in the actual operational and eligibility requirements for the Chemical Dependency Treatment Fund (CDTF).
  • There is delay in CMS approval regarding Withdrawal Management Service development and is now targeted for mid-2019.

 Behavioral Health Centers Bonding Update:

  • The Behavioral Crisis Bonding RFP is to be out the week of September 17, 2018. Several Counties are having a regular phone meetings to help with navigating the bonding process.  If you are interested, please contact Julie Ellis from Stearns County.
  • A Bidders Conference will be scheduled early in the process and FAQ’s will be published on DHS’s website.  A review committee comprised of stakeholders and DHS will convene late fall and should make selections by the end of the year.  ANY county can respond to the RFP and there will be no special consideration for counties who helped introduce this to the legislature.

Crisis Grant

  • Award announcements for county crisis grants have been delayed. It was communicated by DHS that they were to be announced 9/14/2018 with revised Budgets due back to DHS by 10/5/2018.  Amended state contracts would be out by 10/31/2018.


Legislative Proposals 

Behavioral Health Topic legislation related Proposals are Attached.

Substance Use Disorder- Treatment Coordination Services-Julie Ellis/Robert Rohert

Statewide Access to a Common Telepresence Platform- Dave Lee

Traditional Healing & Minnesota’s Behavioral Health Care Continuum- Jerry Pederson/Julie Ellis

Expanding Mental Health Service Access through Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care-Dave Lee

Children’s Mental Health Facilities Funding(IMD)- working with Children’s Topic group

A separate group is working on legislation regarding AMRTC-Appeals, Competency Restoration and possible costs shifts.  That proposal should be available at next MACSSA meeting.


Requested Actions needed from MACSSA in the next month:

Possible SUD Forum time



SUD Reform continues to cause concern for counties as appears to be barriers to implementation in meeting operational requirements.  Ex. Supervision.


Issues/Concerns regarding this topic this month:

SUD Reform Impact

Ability for Counties to maintain sustainable funding around Crisis Services and opportunity around new Crisis Bonding Projects.


Legislative Impacts:


Bulletins, Publications, or supporting materials to be included with this update:

Legislative Proposals:
Statewide Access to Common Telepresence Platform 2019
Expanding MH Svc Access
Traditional Healing
Treatment Coord SUD


Julie Ellis

Jerry Pederson


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