CM Update - November 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

Finance Team Updates:

DHS is in the process of contract negotiations for a vendor to do the financial analysis.  They had 4 respondents to the RFP and are pleased with the choices they had.  They believe contract negotiations will be settled within the next month, perhaps even as soon as the end of this month, and then they will be announcing the vendor.   As a reminder, the vendor will be working with 3 counties on their analysis, those counties are Dakota, Sibley and Carlton.  One discussion at the joint meeting is that the contract is for 2 years with a 3rd year for Statewide implementation optional.  It was discussed that the 3rd year will be critical and for consistency DHS should consider extending their contract to the 3rd year. Also noted and of concern, tribes are not part of this….they will have their own process that has yet to be defined. 


Policy Team Update:

DHS has hired their full time staff for community engagement, Rebecca.  She started November 13th and her job is to take the Stakeholder Engagement Plan and move the work toward full implementation. 


There was a joint meeting of the Finance and Policy Team on Thursday, November 16th:

Lengthy discussion about stakeholder engagement and community engagement, as well as discussion about the crossover of the policy and fiscal and how to address that, this likely will not be the only joint meeting.  We reviewed the overall goals and timeline of this process.  The group again discussed concern over how to recognize potential unintended consequences and how to identify the true cost of counties, not just case management but the ancillary services. 

DHS also followed up with Mike and Stacy about our request for more data on the SSTS Data for the purpose of providing transparency for the rate setting process and coding.  They have indicated that some of the data is confidential but they are willing to work with us on that which is not.  We have suggested a meeting with the Finance division to discuss our needs versus their concern and see if we can determine a course of action from here on out.  It seems there is a willingness to potentially have a conversation about certain elements of the data and a conversation about the training provided and enhancing and standardizing that so all areas get the same training and have the same information.  

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Contacts(s):  Michael Herzing, Stacy Hennen

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