Case Management Update - December 2018

Key Highlights in this topic/WORKGROUP for the PREVIOUS month:

The first draft of the case management initial design team recommendations have been shared and DHS is currently working to get feedback from a variety of stakeholders. Lisa Cariveau and Jennifer Blanchard presented at the MACSSA forum in December related to the report and the progress of the reform effort (see attached presentation and draft report).


The Finance Team of the redesign is reviewing the draft report of Navigant of their initial analysis of local/county level of what financing looks like. The group has questions related to the work and what it is saying, and more time will need to be spent on how we would recommend that work move forward. The finance team is considering several questions including:

  • Does the cost survey tool provide us with enough information to begin to understand current costs at the county level in order to assess potential impact of changes?  
  • To what extent would it be beneficial to expand the tool to other counties and providers?
  • If we were to use the tool with more counties and providers, what would need to be changed or better clarified to get the information we need?

That draft report is not available to share yet at this point as they work on feedback, but we will share it as sonn as possible.


 Requested Actions needed from MACSSA in the next month:

None at this time. We will work on have a session at an upcoming MACSSA meeting to inform the group on design work.



The design work has wrapped up, but finance work will continue.


Issues/Concerns regarding this topic this month:

As noted previously, we should be paying attention to the fiscal workgroup and potential implications for rate changes for counties.  The work of the design team seems to be in line with what we have previously agreed to. 


Legislative Impacts:

NA for 2019


Bulletins, Publications, or supporting materials to be included with this update: (Please attach to the email sent with this report.)

CM Draft Service Design_Oct 2018

CONTACTS (For Topic Groups):

Stacy Hennen and Mike Herzing

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