Case Management Update - June 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

The Initial Design Team for Case Management continues to meet with the goal of having some recommended design for all of case management services in the fall. Recent meetings are focused on activities included in the core functions of case management: assessment, planning, referral and monitoring. The meeting this month also focused a bit on the notion of choice in case management services – and this will require ongoing discussion and consideration as we move forward.

 Navigant continues to work with the finance team and Carlton, Dakota and Sibley Counties to develop a tool to capture local/county level finance data.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  NA

New Trends in This Area:  NA

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Ongoing concerns about the breadth and depth of this topic and how this will impact us financially and as it relates to policy and program.

Legislative Impacts:  None at this time

Supporting Materials:  

See linked document put together related to choice that was discussed at the Initial Design team meeting.

Contact(s):  Michael Herzing, Stacy Hennen

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