Case Management Update - September 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

The case management initial design team is getting down to their last meetings.  The last meeting of this group is Monday, September 24th and it is an all day meeting.  We are working on the final recommendations regarding eligibility of case management services, service components to case management and the overall initial design team product.  We discussed that once this meeting is over those county reps who are on this committee will be invited to the fiscal committee meetings so we can continue to follow up on the work that Navigant is doing and ensure county participation.  We reviewed copies of the documents that Navigant is having the three pilot counties complete and talked about the amount of detail in them and some concerns about what is missing.  We did spend some time talking about face to face contact and the possibility of looking at some of those contacts being via Vidyo or some other form of ITV for those that are remote.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  
None at this time.

New Trends in This Area:

This work seems to be wrapping up, the fact that the DHS leadership team has been kept updated is a hopeful sign that this will be the last time we look at these issues and some genuine recommendations will come out of this group.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  
We should be paying attention to the fiscal workgroup and potential implications for rate changes for counties.  The work of the design team seems so far to be in line with what we have previously agreed to.  

Legislative Impacts:
 Too soon to know if there are legislative topics for the 2019 session

Supporting Materials:  


Stacy Hennen and Mike Herzing

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