CWB Update - December 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • System of Care Grant Update:  Bill Wyss has been named as the Project Director.  See attached Topic Status Update Form.  Jamie Halpern (Hennepin) and Joan Granger-Kopesky (Dakota) will be the MACSSA representatives on the SOC Policy and Planning workgroup.
  • IMD/PRTF:  Last legislative session established a new funding mechanism so that State-only MA funds could be used to replace loss of federal Medicaid dollars when current Rule 5 programs are deemed to fall under federal IMD regulations.  Funds are only available through the current biennium.  Legislation called for the state to conduct a study with an outside vendor to help determine future plan for residential treatment should be provided and funded in MN. 
    • DHS will soon release RFP to begin process to select vendor to conduct the study. 
    • Jamie Halpern (Hennepin) will be working with DHS to help communicate the department’s analysis of current residential programs and the department’s determination about which programs should be classified as IMD’s. 
  • Timeliness of Response on Child Protection Assessments/Investigations-DHS received legal clarification that the time to contact with alleged victims starts when the agency receives the child maltreatment report.  This change in interpretation will be effective 1/1/18.  The tracking of timelines to face to face contact based on the time of intake will begin 7-1-18.
  • DHS and County Attorney’s Association are reviewing the proposed recodification of 626.556.  MACSSA will also provide feedback.  Proposed changes are structural/how the information is organized; not substantive.
  • DHS RFP for School-Based Mental Health Grants was recently released:  https://mn.gov/dhs/partners-and-providers/grants-rfps/open-rfps/?id=1053-318320.  Concerns that the RFP does not require communication with, or letters of support from county agencies.  See attached Topic Status Update Form. 

 Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

  • DHS will be requesting MACSSA participation on a workgroup to research and develop a CP response framework that is based on the presenting risk to a child; rather than the allegation itself.  This framework may be considered as a MACSSA legislative position for the 2019 session. 
  •  Quality Parenting Initiative:  Aspire MN will be making a formal request for MACSSA participation on QPI workgroups.  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  
Elimination of CP Withholds identified as a MACSSA priority.  DHS has also included language in their policy bill to eliminate the CP withholds.  MACSSA will work with MICA and DHS to develop joint strategy for moving this forward in the legislative session.

Supporting Materials:  


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