CWB Update - February 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

•2018 Child Maltreatment Screening Guidelines released 1/31/18.  The guidelines include the change in response timeframes to include that a 24 hour or 5-day response is determined from when agency received the maltreatment report.  See attached letter from DHS (Jamie Sorenson).

•NAMI (Sue Abderholden) is working on a bill that would extend the state’s buy-out of federally funded residential costs beyond the current legislative deadline.  MACSSA will engage with NAMI on how we can support this effort.

•Children’s residential treatment and IMD classification presentation scheduled for February MACSSA meetings.

•DHS is working on a written response to MACSSA’s letter regarding IMD reclassification of children’s residential treatment. A response is expected within a couple of weeks. 

•RFP for the study on MN residential treatment system has been announced and application deadline extended.

•FGDM award notifications were recently released.  There were 19 applications approved which cover a total of 52 counties.

•Draft recodification of 626.556 was reviewed by DHS and MCAA and shared with MACSSA representatives.  MACSSA has provided additional feedback to DHS on the recodification.   The recodification would include development of a new statute, 260A.  There are no changes to the language, but instead a reorganization of the statute to follow from intake through the assessment process.

•DHS work with the Capacity Building Center for States:  The Child, Safety and Permanency Division will be working with the Capacity Building Center for States related to two items: strengthening the safety model/framework by looking at alternative frameworks for the child maltreatment system in MN to move to a risk and safety based model, and re-visioning continuous quality improvement (CQI) in MN.  There are webinars starting on February 12 related to the first steps in looking at a new child maltreatment model. 

•Collaborative Safety Leadership Labs:  DHS’ contract with Collaborative Safety includes the provision of a Leadership Lab. Each Leadership Lab includes 2 cohorts of 12. One of the cohorts will be the CSP leadership team; the other could be offered to MACSSA for county leadership. Additional details will be shared (including purpose, pre-requisites, logistics, etc.) with MACSSA in the near future so additional planning can occur.

•Educational Stability meeting is planned to coincide with the MACSSA meeting on Thursday, February 22,  11:30 – 1:00 PM at MCIT. See agenda in attachments.

•The DHS school mental health grants have been submitted to the department.  No known timeframe for review.

• A second school mental health grant has been announced that targets students attending level 4 special ed settings in intermediate and cooperative school districts in MN. ($4.9M to be awarded over a 27 month period, total.) These are due to DHS by Feb 23rd.

•As part of round two of stakeholder engagement for Minnesota's Every Student Succeeds Act state plan, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has created an online forum for sharing ideas for the future of school and district data reporting in our state.  The department is seeking input on what type of information should be publicly reported about schools and districts in Minnesota as well as how that information should be presented. This conversation, hosted in an IdeaScale online community, allows you to share your own ideas, vote and comment on others’ ideas.   MDE asks you consider providing input using the following link prior to Feb. 28:   https://mde.ideascale.com

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • Passing of the Federal Families First Prevention Services Act (see below and attachment). 
  • Human Services Performance Management System 2018 Measures, Thresholds, and Reporting Schedule bulletin was released on January 30.  There are changes to the three indicators related to child well-being.  See bulletin 18-69-01 below.

Legislative Impacts:  

•McKenna’s Law-Rep. Kresha is working on an amendment and has asked for DHS’s technical assistance on this topic.  See attachment for draft language.  The Juvenile Committee of the Minnesota County Attorney Association is reviewing this and has indicated providing some input regarding the draft language. 

•The federal Families First Prevention Services Act was added to the House continuing resolution draft to address the federal budget plan (See attachment, starts on page 357).  This was passed into law and signed by President Trump on Friday, February 9.  The DHS/MACSSA CP Fiscal Work Group will be focusing on this at their next meeting to look at fiscal impact. 

Supporting Materials:  

Contact(s): Brenda Mahoney, Suzanne Arntson  

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