CWB Update - January 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • DHS is expected to release a RFP to study children’s residential treatment, including possible expansion of Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility development. 
  • PRTF Update:  3 providers have been identified.  Northwoods (west campus) will open in February with 48 bed capacity.  Clinicare will likely open 2nd quarter 2018 in the west/northwest region with 36-42 bed capacity, and The Hills Youth and Family Services will design and build a 50 bed facility which is anticipated to open early 2019. 
  • DHS will be reconvening the Educational Stability workgroup.  The group will not meet frequently, but need to collect information on what is occurring state-wide, and what to do about the State transportation fund and lay groundwork for its continuation.
  • SAMHSA System of Care work is underway. Bill Wyss was named project director.  Steering committee was formed. Jamie Halpern (Hennepin) and Joan Granger-Kopesky (Dakota) named as MACSSA representatives. First meeting took place in December.
  • DHS school mental health grant RFP has been released. Due in later January. Will NOT require county letter of support but one is highly encouraged. State is seeking ‘regional plans’ and will give fewer, but larger grants.
    • Also waiting for release of a second DHS grant for school MH that targets intermediate school districts and co-op districts; only 5 or 6 in MN. Will focus on special education, but not limited to this. 
  • MN Adopt is hiring an additional position which will provide a central call location for prospective foster care applicants to call and get additional information about the licensing process.  This position would then help link the individual with the appropriate licensing agency. 
  • DHS is working with Children’s Bureau and Capacity Building Center for States to revision screening and response framework.  Focus is on response timeframes and supervisory overrides.  Center for States will research screening and response frameworks from other states and share research with DHS.  Goal is to develop a safety-risk based system that is more focused on presenting risk to a child rather than the specific allegation.  This work also includes how predictive analytics may enhance the work. 
  • Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI)-Steering committee in place.  Current focus is on recruitment and discussion around key audience and communication plan.  Aspire MN has a dedicated webpage.  National QPI conference being held in New Orleans Jan. 16 and 17.  See attached QPI update

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA: NA  

New Trends in This Area:  NA

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • IMD issue is a critical concern.  Anticipating forthcoming changes of some MN child residential treatment center’s reclassification as IMDs.  This will have significant fiscal and practice implications for counties.  MACSSA sent letter to DHS (Maisha and Claire) requesting information on: utilization data, policy and processes for coverage, which programs have been determined to be IMDs and timeframe for when designation is likely to take effect and any plans DHS has to pursue extension of bridge funding for the loss of  federal treatment dollars.   Upcoming forum being developed.
  • QPI still in need of more County representation.  Also representation from birthparents, youth and GAL is lacking.  MACSSA workgroup request is pending.

Legislative Impacts:  NA

Supporting Materials:  QPI Update

Contact(s):  Suzanne Arntson/Brenda Mahoney

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