CWB Update - March 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • Legislative Session has started.  MACSSA (Sherburne, Olmsted, Hennepin, Scott Counties) presented at the Senate hearing for Human Services Reform Finance Committee on 2-21-18 on CP Withholds and what counties are doing to move to early intervention/prevention.  DHS presented on Families First Act.  MACSSA is developing a letter to the committee related to follow-up questions from the 2-21-18 meeting.  On 3-7-18 MACSSA (Pope, Stearns) offered testimony regarding the child welfare training system modification and on the proposed senate bills requiring fact finding in all child maltreatment assessments prior to determining track assignment and requiring all children be interviewed first and without parent/guardian present.  The two latter proposed bills are based on the 93 recommendations from the former Child Protection Task Force. MACSSA provided testimony in opposition to the bills related to child maltreatment assessment changes.  There are several other bills related to children which are listed in the legislative impact area below and in attachments.
  • SAMHSA SOC Grant State Policy and Planning Group met on 2-27. See attached notes for details on progress.
  • The Educational Stability Work Group met in February to review the changes under ESSA regarding school transportation for foster children.  The next steps and information regarding eligibility for state pilot were discussed.  Please see attached notes for detailed information on this meeting.
  • DHS has launched work with the Center for Capacity Building for States to research changes to the child protection framework, to move toward a risk and safety framework.  There have been two initial webinars and more anticipated.  Focus groups with front-line workers and supervisors are scheduled across the state over the next several months.   
  • PRTF (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities) timeline has been adjusted to a start date of March 2018 with the first beds being at Northwood in Duluth.  Providers must meet both DHS Licensure requirements and MDH requirements. DHS will issue more info once the plans are finalized.  One of the providers is experiencing difficulty with zoning from approval from the city where they propose building a PRTF.  Admission and Referral information is on the PRTF webpage on the DHS website: https://mn.gov/dhs/partners-and-providers/policies-procedures/childrens-mental-health/prtf/
  • DHS facilitated a demo of Binti (www.binti.com) which offers an online foster care application and workflow process.  This technology also includes recruitment.  DHS is exploring possibility of piloting this technology. 
  • QPI Steering Committee meeting held 3/3/7/18.  Subcommittees provided updates.  See attached report for additional details.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

Collaborative Safety Leadership Labs:  DHS is initiating a year-long Leadership Lab series which consists of webinars, labs, and cohort calls.  There will be two leadership labs—one for DHS and one for up to 12 MACSSA members.  DHS has sent a request for applications from MACSSA members or designees.  The pre-requisite is attendance at a two-day Safety Leadership Institute.  Applications are due by 3-15-18.

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

DHS/MACSSA Fiscal Work Group continues to meet to look at trends in costs of services as well as the impact to counties of the Families First Act and IMD changes.

Legislative Impacts:  

  • NAMI bills presented to extend the state funding for anticipated loss of federal funding for children’s mental health treatment to 7-1-2021, SF 2663 (Relph) and HF 3134.
  • Families First Prevention Services Act:  still working with DHS to determine impact and next steps of the federal legislation.  DHS may be seeking county involvement. 
  • Bill regarding Recodification of 626.556 (child maltreatment act)—SF 2643 (Kresha)
  • Child Foster Care training requirements bill-- SF 2850 (Relph), HF 3265 (Kresha)
  • Child welfare workforce stability study & Child Welfare Training Academy—SF 2979 (Mathews)
  • Removal of the alternate funding of benefits for ages 0-6 in Northstar Care (HF 3289, SF 2910)
  • Children’s School-Linked MN Grants proposed funding (HF 3378, SF 2815)
  • Statute of limitation on failing to make a mandated Child Maltreatment report (9 years)—SF2958 (Latz)

Supporting Materials:  

Notes from Educational Stability Workgroup

SOC Grant Update

Senate File 2989—Hoffman:  Proposed changes to require interviewing away from parents/guardians


Senate File 2847—Hoffman:  Require Fact Finding before track determination (FA or FI)


QPI Topic Status Update

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