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Child Wellbeing Update - June 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • The MN Program Improvement Plan (PIP) was approved.  See attached notice and approved PIP.
  • DHS-Children’s Mental Health is producing a bulletin on changes in the case management role for CMH including completing the functional assessment. In approximately 2012 counties were told this was no longer a requirement.  This apparently changed in 2015 but many counties were not aware of this.  MACSSA has requested additional information and communication.    
  • CMH TCM and Outcome Reporting Training-WebEx Scheduled June 27, 2018 1-2: p.m.  See attached.
  • DHS-Children’s Mental Health will be having regular CMH Supervisor WebEx meetings as a strategy to improve communication with counties.   The first WebEx meeting will be June 21, 2018.  See attached.   
  • IMD:  eleven residential treatment facilities (580 beds) have been determined to be IMD.  See attached list.  State funding is only authorized through April 30, 2019. Effective May 2019 counties will bear 100% of the cost for children placed in these eleven facilities.   See attached “Children’s IMD overview.”
  • The CWB group continues monthly phone meeting with DHS (CSP and MH Division).  See attached notes from May 2018. 

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:

  • Potential request from MACSSA to the children’s mental health area of DHS to meet to find ways to address and improve communication and working relationships. 

New Trends in This Area:  

  • Continued concerns regarding availability of placement options for children with high needs.  The first PRTF through Northwood’s has been delayed (possibly for another 3 months) while they meet federal and state licensing requirements.  This PRTF will be located in a part of Northwood’s which previously provided 60 residential treatment beds.  It will now have 48 PRTF beds. 

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • Beginning July 1, CMH-TCM will require the areas of housing and employment to be addressed for any youth age 14 or older receiving children’s mental health case management services.  This needs to be reflected in SSIS and in the functional assessment.  DHS will not be providing specific training regarding this requirement.  Handouts were provided at the SSIS Mentor Meeting regarding the changes. (See attached). 

Legislative Impacts:  

  • Funding to cover loss of federal payments for children’s residential mental health treatment was a provision in the Supplemental Budget Bill which was vetoed by Gov. Dayton.  This means the “bridge” funding ends April 30, 2019 and counties will be responsible for the total cost of placement (board and lodging plus treatment costs).  It is believed the portion covered by MCOs will also end in 2019. 
  • MACSSA priority to eliminate Child Protection withholds and funding for a child welfare training academy did not pass.
  • The Sibling Bill of Rights for children in foster care passed and will need to be provided to youth by the social worker. 
  • MACSSA and MCAA will be meeting in June to discuss legislative issues and strategies in preparation for 2019 legislative session. 

Supporting Materials:  
Notice of PIP Approval
External Children's Mental Health Targets
Children's Mental Health IMD Facilities
CMH Outcomes FAQ
May 2018 Minutes

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