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Child Wellbeing Update - May 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • CWB small group discussion at MACSSA (Operational Deep Dive) on April 25.  See attached notes.
  • System of Care Grant-DHS has hired all staff for this project.  Training for local partners will be held June 6.  Funds will be distributed late June/early July.  There is work to re-dedicate the target population and focus of the work to be centered around children/youth in congregate care or at-risk of congregate care. 
  • IMD and CMS Announcement made:  11 facilities identified as IMD (Avanti Center for Girls, CRTC, Eau Claire Academy, Gerard Academy,  Leo Hoffman, Mille Lacs Academy, Milwaukee Academy, North Homes/ITASKIN center, Northwoods, Omegon, and Summit Oaks).  Further follow needed with DHS to answer questions and provide statewide communication.
  • DHS continues work on the Child Safety Framework and their work with Capacity Building Center.  A workgroup/Advisory council has been formed via a MACSSA workgroup request. 
  • Workgroup being coordinated around the use of DOPAs.  The workgroup will explore how DOPAs are currently being used, establish ideas around best practices and for state guidance. 
  • Update on PRTF-see attached notes at the end of this document.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • Question raised about county responsibility to complete CMH functional assessments.  This requirement was removed from statute in 2012 and reportedly put back into statute in 2015 with no communication to counties.  Sandi Shoberg (Benton County) will be following up with DHS (Jana Nicholson)

Legislative Impacts:  

  • Child Protection Withhold (HF 3138; Article 7, sec. 14, subd. 3 and Senate Article 28, sec. 21, subd. 3)-  Counties support language in the Senate bill that eliminates the withholds.  House languages uses the unearned withhold dollars to support the Child Protection Training Academy.  Counties; therefore, oppose the House provision. 
  • Children’s Residential Treatment Facilities (HF 3138, Article 3, sec. 14)-Counties supports House language extending state funding for mental health services for youth in children’s residential treatment facilities.  The funding supports residential placements from May 2019-July 2019.  The proposal is designed to assist with funding until longer-term strategies can be addressed next legislative session. 
  • Child Well-Being (Senate Article 28, sec 27)-Focus on child safety by focusing on child well-being.  This includes identifying at-risk families earlier and providing support to prevent maltreatment/neglect from happening.  The Senate language would require DHS to work with counties to look at innovation for the prevention of child maltreatment and streamline rules for foster care placements. 
  • School Linked MH (Senate Article 29, sec. 2 and HF 4328, Article 2, sec. 17, subd. 3)-The House and Senate both allocate $5 million for school linked mental health grants, including using it to provide services through telemedicine. 

Supporting Materials:  
MACSSA Child Wellbeing Small Group Discussion Notes- April Meeting

PRTF Email Update - Mary Paulson

Suzanne Arntson/Brenda Mahoney

Suzanne Arntson/Brenda Mahoney

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