Child Wellbeing Update - November 2018

Key Highlights in this topic area for the month

  • WELCOME and THANK YOU to Jodi Heurung (Sherburne) and Amy Shillabeer (Olmsted) who will assume the roles of CWB Topic Co-Leads for 2019!
  •  Family First Prevention and Services Act (FFPSA) convening held on 11/1/18. Several MACSSA representatives participated along with Tribal colleagues, DHS, Court representatives, Office of Ombudsman, and AspireMN.  Casey Family Programs (Mike Scholl and Peter Watson) facilitated a FFPSA implementation planning meeting.  A follow up meeting will be held in the coming weeks to develop joint vision, identify a leadership structure, create a forum for participants to remain engaged, develop talking points for the new Administration.  Please see attached notes at the end of this document.   
  • Forum scheduled for December to answer questions related to the new Bulletin on “Title IVE Foster Care Maintenance Payments for Children Placed with a Parent in Residential Treatment”.   
  • DHS’s MN Female Genital Cutting (FGC) Prevention and Outreach Working Group is conducting a survey to develop recommendations around FGC prevention in MN. Please see attachment and link to the survey at the end of this document.
  • Jamie Halpern (Hennepin County) represented MACSSA at a PRTF meeting with AspireMN, DHS and NAMI. Focus of meeting was to discuss current status of PRTF developments in MN, future needs, issues and legislative ideas.  Neerja Singh is the lead for PRTF programming at DHS.  Northwoods is full but currently no waiting list.  There is a new state medical necessity review process (KePro).  A comprehensive summary of PRTFs is attached at the end of this document. 
  • QPI forum held in November. Discussed status of MN implementation and goals for upcoming year.  Please see attached QPI handout. 
  • Educational Stability: Meeting held November 8 with discussion regarding the state transportation pilot project funding. There were claims of $1.35 Million requested from the pilot project funds (but only $475,000 was available to pay these claims) and thus about 35% of the eligible claims will be reimbursed out pilot project funds.  There does not appear to be discussion by MDE or DHS to extend the pilot.  Please see multiple attachments regarding the pilot and educational stability.     
  • System of Care Grant Update:
  • The state is convening a state wide System of Care Conference November 28 focusing on wraparound and bridging. Deadline to register is November 21.  Link to register:   https://fs17.formsite.com/macmh/form256/index.html
  • DHS anticipates conducting formal training on new services in early 2019, with the contract almost completed with the wrap-around trainer and contracts between DHS and counties nearing completion.
  • SOC Policy Group met in October and is now being facilitated by MMB who also facilitates the Children’s Cabinet and Results First Work.


Requested Actions needed from MACSSA in the next month




Issues/Concerns regarding this topic this month

State transportation pilot funding project for children in foster care:  There does not appear to be discussion between MDE and DHS regarding legislation to extend the funding for transportation for children in foster care to remain in their home schools.  The current funding ends at the end of the 2-18-19 school year.  Without funding this could become an increased county cost. 

Legislative Impacts

  • Legislative planning meeting with DHS on 10/26/18. Please see attached notes for summary of discussion.
  • CW Training Academy position statement passed at November meeting
  • 24 hour CP Response position statement passed at November meeting

Bulletins, Publications, or supporting materials to be included with this update:
MN Female Genital Cutting Survey
FW_ summary of educational stability meeting 11_08_18Corrected_ PRTF meeting with DHS and AspireMN
Points of Contact Essential Roles
SchoolChange Data SSIS
Corrected PRTF Meeting with DHS

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