HC Update - January 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • The METS Winter Release 17.4.1 was deployed on 1/7/18.  Projects included in the release are as follows:
    • Periodic Data Match (PDM)/FTI Masking – New functionality to obtain updated electronic information about Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care enrollees outside of their annual renewal and re-determine their eligibility.  Includes a technical solution to safeguard Federal Tax Information during the PDM process
    • MMIS Interface (includes redesign) – Implementation of new PDM Event message, along with Minnesota Care billing functionality and defect fixes
    • Notices (includes redesign) – Notices changes needed for PDM and 1095-A, updates to Standard Eligibility Notice and Manual Renewal Notices, updates to Income Adjustment language and other notice improvements and corrections.
    • Carrier Integration – Deployed in December ahead of this release, four MNsure projects related to 1095-A and EDI Member Level Terms
    • Defect Fixes – High priority defect fixes that address batch and process issues and formatting corrections
  • The State Medical Review Team (SMRT) has changed the expedited referral criteria.  They will now expedite referrals for the following circumstances:
    • The client is in a facility awaiting discharge and can be discharged immediately if MA is approved.  The facility must be listed on the referral
    • The client is in a potentially life-threatening situation and requires immediate treatment or medication
    • The client has a condition listed on the Social Security Administration’s Compassionate Allowance Listing
    • A county error may jeopardize a client’s benefits.  SMRT determines whether to expedite a case involving this circumstance on a case-by-case basis
  • IRS Form 1095-B for tax year 2017 will be mailed this month.  People who have changes to their 2017 eligibility or coverage after December 8 will get a corrected form – mailing will start in February.
  • Public comments on the next generation of Integrated Health Partnerships have been posted – DHS received 71 responses.  More information can be found here:  https://mn.gov/dhs/integrated-health-partnerships/

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  None at this time

New Trends in This Area:  NA

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Legislative Impacts:  NA

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Contact(s):   Miriam Kopka (Anoka), Kari Ouimette (Scott); Kathy Johnson (Kittson), John Glisczinski (Sibley), Deborah Huskins (Hennepin)

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