Healthcare Update - January 2019

Key Highlights This Month:  

DHS’ Health Care Administration has issued a public notice regarding changes to payment rates and methodologies, and services under the Medical Assistance program.  The notice can be found here (starting on page 782):  https://mn.gov/admin/assets/SR43_27%20-%20Accessible_tcm36-363490.pdf

Beginning with claims dates of service 1/1/19 – 12/31/19, MA/AX recipients’ claims receive 93% Federal Financial Participation.  Prior to 2019 this group received 94% FFP.

 The METS system release 18.4.1 deployed January 5-6, 2019.  Following is a summary, see attached for detail.

  • Federal Tax Information (FTI) at Renewal:  When income was received from a trusted data source during the renewal process, a worker should not be able to see the source of income data or whether data from the IRS has been received.  Now, income received during the renewal process will not list the type of income received or the source
  • Eligibility:  Fixed an issue related to 19 year olds and their eligibility type (children under 20 versus adult)
  • Notices:  Improvements made to language, effective dates and eligibility results detail
  • User Interface:  Fixed issues related to end dates when removing a household member prior to renewal  and task/evidence creation for age 65 or older
  • Application:  Fixed an issue related to display of program specific questions to ensure correct eligibility results
  • MinnesotaCare Premiums:  Fixed issues related to incorrect premium refunds

 It was reported previously that the Asset Verification System (AVS) would start on February 1, 2019.  It has been delayed due to new information received from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  No information at this point on the new implementation date.

 Open Enrollment ends on January 13, 2019

 The final parts of the MMIS redesign interface work have been delivered.  The interface has been restructured to improve quality and performance.  Staff and those we serve are seeing benefits from the redesign – people are getting the correct coverage, it is faster, error messages have decreased (reducing manual processing).

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

A METS Appointment Nomination request has been sent out to the membership, seeking someone to sit on the METS Program Management Team (PMT) replacing Tiffinie Miller from Dakota County.  We are still in need of someone to fulfill this role.  Please contact Pam Siebert for the nomination form and more information about the appointment.

 New Trends in This Area:  

Periodic Data Matching (PDM) began running statewide at the end of December 2018.  March 1 is the first day of ineligibility for enrollees who do not respond to their PDM notice.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

Supporting Materials:  

Contact(s):  Kari Ouimette

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