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Housing & Transportation Update - February 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Housing group is now meeting monthly with Erin Sullivan Sutton, DHS and Kristine Davis, DHS.  We meet at 1:30-3:30 at MCIT on the Thursday of MACSSA.  Last meeting Erin and Kristine discussed data analysis of persons experiencing  long-term homelessness and housing support services.  The evidence was quite dramatic showing increased housing stability with housing support services. 


  • Support forVolunteer drivers continue to be a need, especially in geographically rural counties.  Jackie Och, Todd County Director, submitted a legislative proposal for federal IRS language changes. 
  • NEMT meets February.
  • MnDoT issued RFP for Regional Transportation Coordination Councils

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Topic 1.   Housing Support Services ---

1. RFP has yet to be issued but will include the following 3 items

-outreach services

-hsg specialists

-admin/monitoring hsg

2.  2.8m 2019 and 4.1M ongoing and will be in base budget after that. 

3. Hsg support services, formerly known as grh. Expanding msa, pursuing medicaid services to include hsg support services

4. Additional RFP--Realtime software for hsg openings (does not include hmis list process) hope to include hb101 and disability maybe but less than corporate foster care, adults specifically as youthlink has this already. Phone app, potential? 

5. Erin's group will shoot out as to when. 

Topic 2.  Regional Metro Counties.  How to work together in metro. How directors have been engaged. 2006 formal cooperative agreement to manage longterm homelessness services. Dollars pass thru to Hearth connection. What else can we do together? Grh/hsg support services expanded to Include flexibility for service application on behalf of directors.  Co-managing funds, Henn fiscal agent but now project by project and any county partnership. Helpful for dhs to have formal agreement. Data outcomes for group as compared to Continuum of Care  reps.

Agenda next time-

  1. review the visual on lth and hs support services diagram. Ben teach us or send query points. Erin and Kristine will follow up.
  2. How looking thru lens of race equity to address issues? disproportionately African American and American indian. Access to disability waiver. Targeted strategies likehsg support services reaches disproportionate population that is homeless namely African American and American indian. Survey info.
  3. Describe coordinated entry process
  4.  IDI process could be informed by description of who is homeless. Published reports. Erin n Kristine will send what they can
  5. County/statewide communication processes.  Ideas, changes, questions vetted thru monthly conversations.

Legislative Impacts:  

Supporting Materials:  


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