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Housing & Transportation Update - September 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation:

No update

 Heading Home Together Leadership Circle:

A forum was held on 8/22, David Hewitt, Hennepin County, Cathy ten Broeke, MN Office to End Homelessness and Jennifer Ho presented an update on the Heading Home Leadership Circle.  A review of the presentation led to a discussion by the workgroup on how to change how counties frame the need for “housing” to how counties need to create opportunities for people to have a “stable home”. 

 Based on the presentation, the workgroup discussed the potential role that counties can play to end homelessness:

  • Create pathways to integrate Social Services and Homeless Resources
  • Develop cross training so “experts” on both sides can have enough information to get the individuals/families to the right resources to meet their needs.

 Legislation Discussion lead by Kristine Davis, DHS-Housing Supports

DHS has not set any proposals are at this point, but areas of interest are:

  • Supplemental Service providers required to provide the service or refer the individual to a provider that can provide the service, as determined on the Statement of Need.
  • Make case noting mandatory
  • Allow providers flexibility to charge someone less rent than the Housing Support amount.
  • Discontinue the Housing with Services Registration
  • Clarify that counties are to “track” absent days and not “approve” absent days.
  • Create program uniformity for Housing Supports by moving to a six-month budget reporting time line.  Would align with other Economic Assistance programs. 
  • Allow for Supplemental Services to be provided in collaboration with PCA and Waiver Services. 
  • Permanent funding for HMIS (could be considered for a MACSSA Legislative Proposal)

 DHS Community Living Infrastructure Grant Update: 

  • George handed out an award summary of the metro county programs.
  • Erin Sullivan Sutton reports that all grant contracts have been signed.
  • 2.97 million in funding out a requested 5 million.
  • 17 grantees (a combination of 46 counties and 3 tribes)
  • DHS will be sharing information on all the proposals. 

 Housing Support Agreement Renewals:  Kristine Davis, DHS

  • The renewal process went very well. 
  • Counties continue to struggle with Assisted Livings Settings that don’t understand the program fully.  These settings are complicated by those individuals that are private pay, that then qualifies them for a spenddown.  

 Medicaid Funding for Housing Supports:  Erin Sullivan Sutton, DHS

  • The public comment period is closed
  • Application is planned to be sent to CMS in 2-3 weeks.
  • Tentatively planning for a Forum presentation at the December MACSSA meeting.

 Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

Supporting Materials:  

MN DHS Community Living Infrastructure Grants-Metro Counties Award Summaries


George Borrell and Janet Goligowski

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