ISBM Update - April 2019

Key Highlights This Month:  

Counties Continue to Implement ISBM in 2019 thank you to Region 5 for extending an invitation to me. I look forward to attending your regional meeting June 3. Please remember to reach out to me as you are looking to learn more, refresh yourself or have projects to share with me around the Business Model.

 Why is this work important to counties?

 This is an opportunity to provide on-the-ground experience to inform the MN integrated services business model, refine it, experiment with it, and finally turn it into a real solution.


 5x5 Design Branding Project Update

5x5 Design, the branding firm working on the messaging framework for ISBM. This work has been briefed with Commissioner Lourey and will begin again. More to come on this restart.

 Business Readiness and Program Simplifications

I have had the pleasure this last month of learning more information about the work that continues to develop in these areas (both of which will involve county-level engagement and feedback). Business Readiness is the pre-project, business-side work that should be done prior to beginning to identify IT solutions or business process changes. It ensures we know exactly what we’re trying to achieve and why prior to embarking on a project. It’s critical to ISBM implementation, and the initial phases are getting underway at DHS, as a dedicated team is coming together.  

 Program simplification is another key piece of the journey to ISBM. The program simplification core team is currently identifying resources and looking forward to starting workgroups and eventually subgroups to review the current state of business. The core team, which includes county representatives and members from across DHS, has completed chartering documentation, outlined deliverables, and is actively resourcing one of their first tasks, completing a Program Eligibility Inventory. The project is launching this month and is projected to run for 8 weeks. It will provide baseline information to form the group’s simplification/alignment roadmap for the year.


I was able to take time this month to review all 14 worksheets that were received from the February meeting. One thing I want to share is that there is a common theme around hopes and dreams. The membership shared with me that we, as counties, are looking forward to having a system that helps us provide prevention services, put clients first, and looks to provide an opportunity to improve communication not just within human services but at a broader level. The one thing I kept thinking was “Yes, this is what I’m hearing from DHS as well.”  It is so pleasant to read and then realize that at the foundational level, our goals are in close alignment.  I continue to be hopeful that as traction is gained around this work that we will all keep in mind that our goals are the same.

Contact(s):  Tina Klaphake

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