ISBM Update - August 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

ISBM Presentations Coming Up

  • MAFAS/Minnesota Association of Financial Assistance Supervisors – August  23 meeting
  • MFWCAA/MN Financial Worker Case Aid Association  - October 24 – 26 Conference
  • Presenters will be MACSSA: Marti Fischbach and Rachel Grimes with DHS: Donna Biederman and Kristen Shouman. See attached PowerPoint
  • Key discussion questions are.
    • How can we help people understand their options, as opposed to telling them what they should do?
    • What opportunities come with considering their whole family or household?  (For example, if a family includes a preschooler, adult child with a disability, or a senior?)
    • Where are these “integration” conversations already happening?
    • What are the challenges/opportunities to these approaches?

MACSSA 8/22/18 Forum Presentation on “How ISBM is changing the approach to Modernization projects and that counties can be paid for their staff’s involvement with the Interchange Agreement” Look for handouts.

  • Hiring stakeholder engagement specialist with a county perspective: Connect with county staff across the state to promote innovation and align efforts on integrated services.  We need 2 half-time or 1 full-time staff that is ready for a new challenge, from a county that wants to influence the direction. Costs for current county staff will be reimbursed to the home county through Modernization funds with a DHS interchange agreement.  Look for more details soon.  Can’t wait? email bina.nikrin@hennepin.us.

MACSSA Fall Conference Planning is underway: Working with MACSSA Fall Conference Committee, Janet Goligowski, Chair, and with a larger group that includes key county and DHS staff along with APHSA consultants.  Planned presentations include the following, with an emphasis on counties sharing their unique experiences working on these already and how these all fit together in the integrated model. Watch for conference registration

  • 2Gen/multi-generation
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Person-centered thinking
  • Data Analytics
  • Value Curve
  • Equity

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  None

New Trends in This Area:  Less emphasis on the “process model” and more focus on the six guiding principles listed above, as foundational to integrated services

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic: NA  

Legislative Impacts:  NA

Supporting Materials:  NA

Contact(s):  Bina Nikrin, 612-596-7921  

Supporting Materials:  


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