ISBM Update - February 2019

Key Highlights

For more information, link to 20-minute Integrated Services Business Model Webinar.

Counties Continue to Implement ISBM Innovations in 2019” Don’t miss this presentation at the February 27 Monthly MACSSA Forum.

  1. Wright County Public Health went through a year-long Health Equity Data Analysis (HEDA) process in the community of Montrose in 2017-2018. This process included relationship-building, community engagement, and data collection and analysis to find the root causes of health inequities. Two staff members who worked on this project, Joel Torkelson and Ellie Vanasse, will be there to present on the HEDA process, their findings, and how they partner with communities to guide their work. Wright County Public Health Director Sarah Grosshuesch will also be attending.
  2. Bina Nikrin and DHS Kate Kunitz will present ISBM year in Review
  3. Tina Klaphake will share her goals for ISBM stakeholder engagement statewide.
  4. Attendees will consider what their counties can do or are doing to move into best practices of the statewide integrated model.


Personae/journey mapping work has begun. To provide the county perspective, Kathleen Simon, Dakota County, Ryan Selock and Brian Doerner, Hennepin, joined a short-term DHS workgroup. This group of early adopters are working on personae or use cases and journey maps that will provide insights into the experience of people we serve as they navigate the human services system. This work was identified as a key 2019 activity in the State Modernization Roadmap. This will guide how the integrated services model will be further fleshed out and implemented.

Students from Prime Digital Academy | Minnesota's Code & UX Bootcamp‎ completed some interviews with workers as a trial run.  Good news is that this work will NOT require IRB/Institutional Review Board approval to interview people we serve, so this should move ahead more quickly now. For more information, see

7 Core Ideas about Personas and the User Experience

This usability.gov article describes that personas are based on interviews, data, demographics … i.e. research – not assumptions or stereotypical ideas


Counties share initiatives to move closer to integrated model.

What: Collect lessons learned, vet them with MASCSSA and DHS, and edit ISBM to reflect new understanding and hands on experience.


1st) Complete the MACSSA Integrated Services Business Model Innovation Tracking form available 2/27 at February 2019 MACSSA Forum ISBM Handouts.

2nd) Submit Lessons Learned to Christina.klapahke@co.wright.mn.us and/or PSiebert@mncounties.org.

Why: Provide on-the-ground experience to inform the MN integrated services business model, refine it, experiment with it, and finally turn it into a real solution.

This approach to fleshing out the integrated model depends on counties sharing their experiences with each other and an intentional approach to vet learnings with DHS and propose ways to incorporate needed changes into the business model. These need to be approved by BADT/Business Architecture Domain Team, which includes four MACSSA reps, along with DHS and MNIT members. 

Future ISBM Topic Reports will come from Tina Klaphake and focus on her work with counties across the state. Stay tuned! Bina Nikrin is retiring as of 2/28/19. “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all this last year!  Thanks for the opportunity and for all your support! Keep up the great work.”

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  Reimbursable from DHS Interchange Agreement,

  • .5 FTE to work with Tina to engage all counties in ISBM
  • .5 FTE to coordinate MACSSA ISBM implementation work with DHS

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Supporting Materials:  February 2019 MACSSA Forum ISBM Handouts



Jane.Hardwick@mnprairie.org, MACSSA ISBM Sponsor

Christina.Klaphake@co.wright.mn.us , MACSSA ISBM Stakeholder Engagement Lead

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