ISBM Update - January 2019

Key Highlights This Month: 

Top News

1. Wanted - counties doing innovation work that moves us closer to the integrated services model like the Ignite session at the MACSSA 2018 Fall Conference. Bina wants to include in the Feb. 27 MACSSA Forum session on the integrated model. Contact her at bina.nikrin@hennpin.us and cc. Pam Siebert at psiebert@mncounties.org.


This might include county initiatives implementing any of the following:

    • Data analytics for better service delivery
    • High touch, low touch service options
    • 2-Gen/Multi-gen approach
    • Person-centered practice
    • Social Determinants of Health
    • Value curve

For more about the Integrated Services model, see Integrated Services Business Model Webinar. Also see “Innovation” below.
2. Jane Hardwick will continue as ISBM sponsor in 2019. Rod Franks, incoming MACSSA president, and Jane Hardwick, immediate past president, agreed that this long-term effort needs continuity.  Jane is co-sponsor with Chuck Johnson, DHS Deputy Commissioner, and Greg Poehling, MNIT Chief Business Technology Officer (CBTO) for DHS.

3. Welcome Christina (Tina) Klaphake, ISBM MACSSA Stakeholder Engagement Lead. Wright County is being reimbursed by an Interchange Agreement with DHS for half Tina’s time that will be devoted to ISBM. She is working through an on-boarding plan that includes meeting key partners at MACSSA and DHS. Any suggestions for meetings to attend, people to meet, etc. are welcome.

II.        Stakeholder Engagement/Communication

  • Wanted: Another .5 FTE to work with Tina and all 87 counties. Please consider who you may have that would appreciate this state-wide exposure, is ready for a new challenge, and who’s county wants a closer connection to how this will be rolled out. Costs for current county staff will be reimbursed to the home county through Modernization funds via a DHS interchange agreement. Contact Pam Siebert to access the request form.


  • Persona Workgroup will develop personae, use cases, and journey maps that provide examples of the experience of Minnesotans that receive human services as they navigate the service delivery system. This will inform needed improvements and help flesh out the integrated services business model. County staff participating in this innovative work include Dakota’s Kathleen Simon and Hennepin’s Brian Doerner and Ryan Selock. Anyone else interested in participating in this time-limited workgroup can contact one of these.

 The work group has piloted a development activity, which introduces personas, journey maps, and (IT) user experience design as a valuable, broadly usable concept, and then has participants contribute to persona development. Ideas and information emerging from these sessions will be validated by interviews with people served. A pilot session was held at the DHS Continuing Care for Older Adults and Community Supports Administrations’ Business Information Technology (BITS) meeting on Monday 1/7/19.

  •  5 By 5, the branding firm working with DHS on a new name and messaging framework for ISBM, presented a number of findings and initial recommendations on 12/19 to build consensus on direction and get feedback. Bina Nikrin and Tina Klaphake attended. The group largely felt that the work was on track, though many details are still to come; 5x5 will present more information on proposed key messages and name options 1/16; final deliverable is scheduled for week of 3/11.
  •  Eric Ratzmann, Emily Babcock, and Wright County’s Christine Partlow represent MACSSA on the state communications group overseeing this effort called Strategic Communication and Information Team (SCIT).


III.        Data Analytics

Hiring data analytics specialists:

  • DHS: Data Strategy Lead (1 FTE) position description is being finalized with DHS HR. Several partners have provided input. The position will be on the DHS Business Solutions Office (Lisa Barnidge’s) Data Alignment Team. Working on the ISBM “Outcomes” narrative will be an initial task of this new position.
  • County Data Scientist (.5 FTE): Stephanie Radke and Kathleen Simon, Dakota County, and Erik Erikson, Hennepin,helped clarify this request to coordinate and avoid duplicating work in DHS. Money is set aside in Systems Modernization funding for this until 9/30/19. This is currently on hold.


IV.        Innovation

What does it mean for ISBM? Providing on the ground experience to inform the MN integrated services business model, refine it, experiment on it and finally turn it into a real solution. Collect lessons learned, vet them with MASCSSA and DHS, and edit ISBM to reflect new understanding and hands on experience. Think of it from two viewpoints,

  • From an internal, organizational viewpoint, such as whether service is more efficient for workers
  • From the viewpoint of people we serve, their perceived value; look at every new thing you are trying from various customers’ perspectives.

This approach to fleshing out the integrated model depends on counties sharing their experiences with each other and an intentional approach to vetting learnings with DHS into the business model for approval by BADT, co-chaired by Deborah Huskins, representing MACSSA.

NOTE: Innovation via data: Data, applied to a business problem, creates innovation and then people have the ability to act on their innovative ideas and create value.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

  • Additional .5 FTE to work with Tina to engage all counties in ISBM.
  • Wanted - counties doing innovation work that moves us closer to the integrated services model like the Ignite session at the MACSSA 2018 Fall Conference. Bina wants to include in the Feb. 27 MACSSA Forum session on the integrated model.

New Trends in This Area:  

Bina Nikrin is retiring as of 2/28/19. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you all this last year! Thanks for the opportunity and for all your support! Keep up the great work.

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Jane.Hardwick@mnprairie.org, MACSSA ISBM Sponsor

Christina.Klaphake@co.wright.mn.us , MACSSA ISBM Stakeholder Engagement Lead

Bina.Nikrin@hennepin.us, MACSSA ISBM Implementation Lead 

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