ISBM Update - June 2018


  • A 20-minute ISBM webinar is now available to learn about the current Minnesota model. Check it out through this link Integrated Services Business Model Overview Webinar!  Be sure to download new narrative Guide which includes the details covered in the webinar. No password is needed. A live webinar was conducted June 30 with 65 people attending from across the state and DHS.  This was part of onboarding IT Governance members to their role in the context of ISBM. Share with your staff.
  • ISBM Implementation: Integrated Services Business Model/ISBM has moved to the implementation phase, where it will be multiple efforts, not just one project. Two efforts are under way to resource these efforts. 
    • Bina Nikrin, Hennepin, has been assigned as the MACSSA ISBM Implementation Coordinator. She is working closely with the State Implementation Coordinator Kate Kunitz, DHS Business Solutions Office/BSO. Both positions are reimbursable from modernization funding.
    • Bina and Kate have developed a proposed staffing plan for consideration in modernization funding for 2018-19, which includes county and state perspectives and expertise in communication/stakeholder engagement, data analytics, and business readiness. Other county representation is also included in the overall business readiness staffing proposal. Let Bina know if you have people that would be a good fit.
  • MACSSA Spring Conference: Activities provided insights into what parts of ISBM are most understood and least, and what are most of interest. Following a fun, challenging game of Family Feud, input included: What your county does that is unique; Multi-county groups and their contacts; and Rank your knowledge of ISBM guiding principles.
  • BADT/Business Architecture Domain Team: This Modernization governance group oversees ISBM work and heard an update at their June 6 meeting.  MACSSA BADT members include Deborah Huskins, co-chair, Brad Vold, Corinne Dahl, and Rachel Grimes.

Upcoming activities:

  • June 29: Some MACSSA and DHS Business Solutions Office staff will retreat with American Public Human Service Association/ APHSA to plan the MACSSA Fall Conference, focused on implementing ISBM.  This is a very exciting opportunity to benefit from APHSA experience working with other jurisdictions and their knowledge of national research. Let Bina know if you are interested in participating in the June 29 planning retreat. 
  • July 12: MN Integrated Services Business Model/ISBM and UMN Humphrey School Future Services Institute/FSI.  FSI is very involved with DHS and other MN counties in a variety of cutting edge work.  The purpose of this meeting is to explore how MACSSA and DHS could strategically use FSI to advance ISBM implementation work plans statewide.


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