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ISBM Update September 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

ISBM/Integrated Services Business Model Presentations

  • MFSRC/Minnesota Family Support Recovery Council, October 2 in St. Cloud. Presenters will be DHS Bianca Lewis and Jovan Knutson, combining Integrated Services Business Model and PAPD for Child Support and PRISM.
  • MFWCAA/MN Financial Worker Case Aid Association, October 24 – 26 Conference in Plymouth MN
    • Presenters will be MACSSA: Marti Fischbach and Rachel Grimes with DHS: Donna Biederman and Kristen Shouman. See attached PowerPoint
  • AMC Policy Conference, December 3, Bloomington MN, presentation details TBD


ü  MAFAS/Minnesota Association of Financial Assistance Supervisors – August  23 meeting

ü  MACSSA 8/22/18 Forum Presentation on “How ISBM is changing the approach to Modernization projects and that counties can be paid for their staff’s involvement with the Interchange Agreement

ü  ISBM Presentations to BADT/Business Architecture Review Team which oversees ISBM

ü  June – Kate Kunitz, DHS Business Solutions Office/BSO, presented summary ISBM

ü  July – Jeff Hendrix,  BSO, presented ISBM Program Simplification

ü  August – Jason Anderson, BSO, presented ISBM Business Readiness

ü  September – Bina Nikrin, presented on current ISBM work, including preliminary thoughts on innovation labs


  1. Stakeholder engagement specialist with a county perspective: Connect with county staff across the state to promote innovation and align efforts on integrated services.  We need 2 half-time or 1 full-time staff that is ready for a new challenge, from a county that wants to influence the direction. Costs for current county staff will be reimbursed to the home county through Modernization funds with a DHS interchange agreement. 
  2. Data Scientist: Work continues to firm up this request. Contact Bina for more information.

MACSSA Fall Conference: Plans are coming together by MACSSA Fall Conference Committee, Janet Goligowski, Chair, and with a few key DHS staff, along with APHSA consultant Bryan Grove.  Planned presentations will emphasize counties sharing their unique experiences working on integration initiatives using ISBM principles and guest speakers doing a “deep dive” into these concepts.  In addition to county leaders, around 20 DHS staff will attend as our partners in ISBM. A special treat will be a keynote interview with Uma S. Ahluwalia, Director of Montgomery County Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  None

New Trends in This Area:
   Less emphasis on the “process model” and more focus on the six guiding principles listed above, as foundational to integrated services

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

Supporting Materials:  


 Bina Nikrin, 612-596-7921

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