LTSS Update - April 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • HCBS Settings Rule Update – 2017 Updates
    • Provider Attestation for residential Services:  Anticipating 5,700 attestations, beginning in April with Adult Day and Customized Living.  Foster Care, SLS, DT&H, Pre-Voc and Structured Day in May.  Attestation will demonstrate the provider meets the new requirements or if there is a change needed.
    • One attestation per site.
    • Desk audits will be performed and site visits as necessary.  There will also be Person Experience Questions within MnCHOICES to ensure the person experience matches what a provider is attesting as well as to meet federal reporting requirements.
  • MnCHOICES update on MN HCBS Monitoring and Evaluation Instrument – Standardized measures across 11 domains to measure quality and outcomes, build accountability, streamline data gathering and improve data quality. This will serve as data source for program reporting. Training will be completed via multiple modalities.  Implementation – to be completed at the semi-annual visit.  This will be included in MnSP and will be an on-line access only.
  • Employment for persons with disabilities update –
    • Proposed Employment and Day Services 
      Employment Exploration
      Employment Developmen
      Employment Support (similar to Supported Employment Service)
  • Timeline:
June 2014 – stakeholder work began
Current- before the Legislature
May 2017 – hope for legislative approval
October 2017 – to CMS for waiver amendment.
January 2018 – implementation following CMS approval
  • New Day Service (DT&H) – Day Support Services that are individualized community based services that develop and maintain life skills so that people can fully participate in their preferred community activities. This topic is with the stakeholder work group.
May 2018 – hope for legislative approval
October 2018 – submit to CMS for waiver amendment.
January 2019 – implementation following CMS approval
Utilizing a current provider (Life Works) to walk through what this would look like for people receiving services.
  • Provider capacity Training via: College of employment services – free for lead agencies, Employment Service Provider certification (expected 5/2017), VRS Customized Employment Training, Inter-agency Employment First Communications – summer to fall, HCBS Employment mailings – late summer.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

MnCHOICES – work being done by DHS to increase efficiency – notice to be sent to lead agencies. 

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

MnCHOICES Update related to HCBS Monitoring and Evaluation Instrument – concern that this will only be available in an on-line format. Concern has been expressed via the HCBS County State Work Group regarding need for this to be available off-line as well.  Follow up will occur via the HCBS CSWG.

Legislative Impacts:  

Legislation related to Employment Services expected at the end of the session.

Concern regarding funding for MnCHOICES in the HHS Senate Omnibus bill.

Supporting Materials:  

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