LTSS Update - June 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • HCBS Settings Transition Plan – transition period has been extended by CMS to March 2022.
  • Currently in the process of Provider Attestation: 5,615 provider settings have submitted the attestation. (Attestation Data document attached) 132 settings have indicated a close proximity to institution facilities. Desk audits are occurring and site visits will occur in 2018-20.
  • County Role : Share resources with providers, utilize the website and HCBS email box hcbs.settings@state.mn.us
  • If people will need to transition to other settings, counties will be notified as soon as that is known in order to work with people on other services to meet their needs.  The extension of the transition period will provide more time to complete this.
  • LTSS Improvement Tool (previously referenced as evaluation and monitoring tool/assessment):  Purpose is to capture the person’s experience with services, service providers and CM.  It is to fulfil program reporting requirements (Olmstead, HCBS Transition Plan, CMS Access Rule).  Person’s evaluation will have pre-populated fields from MN Support Plan Application – of the total number of questions, 18 will be asked during the visit. This will be located on a separate tab within the CSSP.  On-line access only, however DHS did respond to feedback regarding printing this document and with no internet access can be downloaded to the laptop desktop/hard drive to be completed electronically.  Upon return to the office, upload. However, it will need to be emailed to the person that completes data entry if it is not the CM – in order to avoid printing.  DHS continues to address the technology so that it can be completed off line and uploaded which will include the data entry.
  • MnCHOICES Efficiencies: See MnCHOICES Efficiencies document
  • MnCHOICES Cost Shift:
    • The new law outlines the responsibilities of certified assessors; shifts 15.7% of the cost to counties through June 30, 2019, which increases to 18.1% on July 1, 2019. DHS is to work with counties to modify the assessment tool some examples of changes/modification include:
    • reduce assessment times;
    • modify the application and assessment policies to create efficiencies while ensuring federal compliance;
  • Implement policy changes to reduce the frequency and depth of the assessment and reassessments.
  • MN Support Plan Application – DHS is asking that “accronymis not be use  J  (MNSpa)
  • There are four First Launch Pilot Counties – Anoka, Brown, LeSuer and Washington
  • There will be 9 regional launch groups based on self-reporting of usage of MnCHOICES and all counties will launch by the end of August.
  • Training to lead agencies includes Webinars, training modules and conference calls.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

MnCHOICES Cost shift – to be a Priority Forum for the July MACSSA Meeting.  Input on changes/modifications that may assist in efficiencies in assessments. 

New Trends in This Area:  


MN Support Plan Application launch

HCBS Transition Plan

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Priority area of concern:  MnCHOICES Cost Shift

LTSS Improvement Tool: continued concern regarding technology for utilization of this tool by CM.

Legislative Impacts:  

Supporting Materials:  MnCHOICES Efficiencies document


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