Modernization Update - April 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Attendees: Marti Fischbach, Dakota; Todd McMurray, Chisago; Deborah Huskins, Hennepin; Scott Jara, Dakota; Julie Ellis, Stearns; Christopher Lancrete, Hennepin; Eric Ratzmann, MACSSA; Denise Moreland, Hennepin; Janet Goligowski, Stearns; Nicole Names, Pope; Jane. Hardwick, MnPrairie; William Calmbacher, Ramsey

 Shared information on the reason for the call.

What is the best way to create communication between governance teams, counties, DHS and Mn.IT.

Bina is currently under interagency agreement between Hennepin and DHS to support MASSCA.

Discussed the purpose of the modernization phone calls.

Deborah shared information on the Regional Network. Adobe Connect and telephone connectivity.

 New Governance

  • The new structure is being populated with new members.
  • Marti is co-chair on the new ESC; Chris is also on the new ESC
  • Deb is co-chair for new BADT; Brad is also on the new BADT
  • The PMTs are likely changing to create teams that work on functionality that may cross programs vs programs as designed currently. This is still a work in progress to determine what would work. 
  • Denise discussed the direction of the EAB. They have become more transparent.

Communication and Strategic Discussion among MACSSA members.

There are 2 phone call meetings outside of regular MACSSA meetings.

1)     Content Experts and Topic Leads to touch base on the various modernization efforts. This informs this document, the MACSSA Topic Status Update, and gives us an opportunity to discuss issues that may need escalation or further discussion by the membership (forum). With the addition of more governance members, these calls are likely to be used for more strategic discussion

2)     The Regional Network has been more effective as a place to get information more broadly across the state.

 MACSSA is looking at the best option for on-going communication and strategy. More to come. 

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

  • Help to develop a communication strategy to ensure Counties are kept updated on modernization, especially as the new governance groups begin to meet.

New Trends in This Area:  

  • Governance structure is developed and MACSSA and DHS are working on participants.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • Expiration of the A – 87 Federal Cost Allocation plan

Legislative Impacts:  

  • AMC is concerned about timing and additional workload of PDM and considering bringing forth a suggestion to the legislature to pilot with a few counties before full roll-out. There is a meeting with METS Directors and Commissioners to continue this conversation.

Supporting Materials:  


Brad Vold and Marti Fischbach

SSIS – Gary Sprynczynatyk; PRISM - Todd McMurray; Chisago MnChoices – Julie Ellis; METS/MAXIS – Deb Huskins; Technology – Chris Lancrete/Hennepin

Data – Scott Jara

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