Modernization Update - August 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • SMRT/METS alignment meeting was done on August 9th with short notice to Counties. Alignment is planned for 2018. About 40 people attended and there were approximately 5 County staff present. Curam is pretty stable but METS is frustrating. Will
  • DHS Child Safety and Permanency has decided to modernize SSIS with new CCWIS protocols as their best option (versus do nothing and lose federal funding, or convert to a new CCWIS platform and add SSIS).
  • The next thing would be the conversion then of the latest SSIS version - - into the Curam product/platform maybe in 2021-2022…
  • Server Centralization:  now with MNPrairie (3 counties) and Freeborn; adding another county per month to start, then 2 per month, then up to 4 counties per week.  Will require CITRIX access for all then.  The STATE will hold the Citrix licenses.  Hope to complete by mid-2018 SSIS modernization workgroup is in place.
  • Second Release Pilot Counties will see new Housing and Employment Outcome data to be collected for persons in an AMH, CMH, or DD assessment or case management workgroup as a result of MN’s Olmstead Plan.
  • IT Alignment workgroup is meeting monthly. Starting to get Windows 10 support. Are getting a better understanding of the SSIS centralization project.
  • PMT – Projects are underway but each team not sure how each fits into the larger system. Still a lot of alignment needed. The business model will help.
  • The Integrated Services Delivery Team did a full day meeting in July to put together a better framework and is going to present for more input at the August MACSSA meeting.  
  • MnChoices modernization contact is Pam Erkl. We did provide some updates and suggestions at our July MACSSA meeting.
  • State submitted Advanced Planning Documents for next federal fiscal year’s funding for systems modernization
  • METS—deploy in July of Supervisor workspace and organizational structure changes—supervisors may see some benefits in organizing/assigning/re-assigning work, etc.
  • IT Alignment is discussing Kiosks and what is happening on a statewide basis or other self-help tools.
    • Will start talking about electronic forms.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

  • The governance structure of many of the groups are still being evaluated for effectiveness and alignment to the charter as well as the overall functionality. This will include ISDS, ESC, PMT, BADT, and the rest of the domain teams.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

  • The state cut to MnChoices has caused concerns and is impacting ability to move to 100%.

Supporting Materials:  


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