Modernization Update - August 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Update on Governance and Communication Planning for MACSSA; Modernization Steering Committee

We had our first meeting on Tuesday, August 7th. The minutes are below.

Present: Tiffany Miller, Eric Ratzmann, Marti Fischbach, Emily Babcock, Bill Calmbacher, Chris Lancrete, Denise Moreland, Deborah Huskins, Brad Vold, Rachel Grimes, Stephanie Radke, Kari Ouimette, Corinne Dahl, Bina Nikrin, facilitating.

Not available: Jane Hardwick, Erik Erikson, Nicole Names, Andrea Zuber, Mike Oanes, and Scott Jara

Highlights are action items.

  • Discussion:
    • ESC and EAB APD Process: Marti Fischbach
      • MACSSA EAB members will consult on issues raised at this meeting and best way to move them forward for EAB, e.g. is it a process or a structure question?
  • Core Planning Teams Key Initiatives informing EAB 1,3, and 5-year goals and ESC creation of workgroup to propose roadmap and timelines - Janet Goligowski
    • Request for county reps on this work will be coming soon
  • Process for Stopping Defunded APD Projects: Chris Lancrete
    • See attached “blue line” docs
  • Revamping PMT Structure and county participation – Chris Lancrete
    • More to come later.
  • MACSSA reps & co-chair on Mod Strategic Communication and Information Team (SCIT) – Bina
    • Eric will serve on this group and he and Bina will meet with Matt Woods to clarify other county roles needed.
  • Program simplification MACSSA reps: This request from DHS Jeff Hendrix is going through normal MACSSA process to find county reps.
  • Review/edit/agree on Charter: Members will review the charter off line and send any requests for clarification or changes to Bina to take up at a future meeting.
    • Will Modernization Topic Area “call-in” meeting remain once steering committee begins? These meetings have been cancelled.  Brad and Marti will monitor to determine if this new group fills the need.
    • Will ISDS Regional MACSSA Network continue? TBD
    • How to communicate between meetings? Call or email directly. Revised list of participants with phone numbers will be send soon.
    • Possible topics for next meeting:
      • Consider whether ESC and EAB levels of authority are appropriate, along with PMT.
      • Should there be embedded county people with DHS for Modernization?
      • What kind of topics are appropriate to get input from MACSSA Forums?

Business Architecture Domain Team (BADT): BADT heard a presentation on Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) Licenses from MNIT representatives. The CLM includes several development lifecycle tools that will be used by MNIT, and the discussion included whether or not business would want to procure licenses for these products.

BADT received an update from Sarah Small about next steps for the roadmaps requested by the EAB. Volunteers are needed for a workgroup tasked with the development of a Modernization roadmap and Integrated Services Business Model (ISBM) timeline. A joint I-ESC/BADT meeting is scheduled for August 8th to establish the workgroup.

Michelle Doheny gave an update around the PMT Structure I-ESC/BADT sub-workgroup. The sub-workgroup is continuing to work on a recommendation for the new PMT Structure. The goal for the group is to provide I-ESC/BADT a recommendation by 8/13/18. 

Data and Information Governance Team (DIGT): DIGT did not meet this week. Next meeting is scheduled for August 28, 2018

Enterprise Architecture Board (EAB): EAB did not meet this week. EAB will have a day-long goal-setting retreat on Friday, August 10th.

Financial Architecture Domain Team (FADT): FADT did not meet this week. Next meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2018

Integrated Human Services Executive Steering Committee (I-ESC): The I-ESC added a new member. DHS Management Operations Director Roger Ehresmann will be representing the DHS Operations area.

The joint I-ESC and BADT subgroup working on PMT structure has held meetings to review the Human Services Functional Model (HSFM) and discuss the types of activities that will be expected of the new PMTs. The subgroup is reviewing three options for this work and is on track to present recommendations at the August 15 I-ESC meeting. The full I-ESC will evaluate their recommendations and present an approved plan at the August 23 EAB meeting.

Co-chairs Marti Fischbach and Jeff Jorgenson sent an email on Aug. 1 to ISDS and MMIS PMT members and Program Managers with information and deliverables related to the Process for Stopping Defunded APD Projects. This process is expected to wrap up by August 29, and information will be shared with EAB.

Security Architecture Domain Team (SADT): SADT did not meet this week. Next meeting is scheduled for August 27, 2018

Technical Architecture Domain Team (TADT): TADT did not meet this week. Next meeting is scheduled for August 21, 2018

ISDS Program Management Team (ISDS PMT):  The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) within the Administration for Children & Families (ACF) has approved the Planning Advance Planning Document (PAPD) for Child Support for FFY19. This PAPD has a reimbursement rate of 66%. Project management services have been requested to begin October 1, 2018, to initiate the project. Jovan Knutson will act as a business champion. Shaneen Moore will be the business sponsor. Tony Bokhorst will be the MNIT sponsor.

METS Program Management Team (METS PMT): METS PMT approved a project change request for 18.3 to fix a defect in which about 15 percent of ROP termination notices fail in production and must be manually generated. Without this fix, MNIT must manually generate the ROP termination notices that fail with each monthly run, as well as perform the mail merge and stuff envelopes.

By deploying the fix in 18.3 versus 18.4, the need to manually generate the notices will end after the August or September run. If not deployed until 18.4, MNIT would have to manually generate the ROP termination notices monthly through January 2019.

In addition, the METS PMT:

  • Considered a new project proposal related to an IBM service credit.
  • Reviewed new deployment date options for 18.4.1, which has to be moved because it conflicts with the recently announced end date for open enrollment.
  • Requested a “lessons learned” analysis of the conditions that led to implementation of a change request that had been denied.

MMIS Program Management Team (MMIS PMT): PMT heard the business sponsors’ business value case for the change request to include pharmacy claims as a separate module with its own timeline within the PA/SA APD project.

  • Technical will discuss recommended sequencing of the pharmacy project at the next meeting.

 The group discussed that programs are being tasked to conduct project reviews as it relates to stopping defunded APD projects.

  • PMT requested to include the project business sponsors to work with technical team to develop the recommendation for ESC. 

PMT requested to review the documentation that is developed for the recommendation.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  Nothing right now

New Trends in This Area:  

APD is driving a lot of questions and efforts at this time. 

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  There are some financial limitations that may inform future legislative needs 

Supporting Materials:  


Marti Fischbach – Modernization Co-Lead; IHSM ESC Co-chair

Brad Vold – Modernization Co – Lead; BADT member

Jane Hardwick, Nicole Names, Denise Moreland - EAB

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