Modernization Update - December 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Update on Governance and Communication Planning for MACSSA


Modernization Steering Committee

On Tuesday, December 4th, members of the all the governance teams involved in modernization got together for a retreat. Previously we have had phone conferences, but we thought it was good to spend an afternoon together to plan and prepare given all the groups working on modernization. The agenda included:

  1. How is governance structure working? Do we want to propose optional ways for counties to provide input and feedback rather than having to free up people for significant amounts of time?  How does each group see their role and how do they fit together, our role collectively in moving Modernization forward. What does each group hope to influence?  Concerns identified (make a list), look to solutions
  2. What “positions” does the group want to develop and agree on for 2019?  For example, do we want one on METS, outlining the need for continuing to prioritize improvements to the system. Take time to brainstorm the potential issues and how we as counties will navigate/negotiate with DHS and MNIT.
  3. What is coming up in 2019 and how would we prioritize? Sarah Small will talk on Modernization Strategic Plan and related work. How will this inform Governance Group prep, positions, etc.? We will work with a draft timeline that we can start to fill in.
  4. What is our communication strategy?  Alternatives to email for MACCSA members state-wide. How to communicate Governance work with all counties?

It was a very good meeting with some good outcomes. We have decided to meet in person again to continue planning.

MACSSA Reps for PMTs MACSSA Reps for PMTs are still being have been identified, although not given the number needed. They are:

  • Dan Jensen, Olmstead County, Information and Data PMT
  • Linda Bixby, Dakota County, People PMT
  • Carol Jud, Hennepin County, Services & Payments PMT
  • (No referral identified), Infrastructure PMT

If others are still interested, please contact MACSSA. Individuals serving on PMTs have an important role: understanding the details of various projects within the portfolio. PMT members do not need to be experts about all projects that impact their administration/agency, but they do need to have an ability and methodology to obtain information about projects from the administration/agency they are representing and report back to the PMT regarding those projects. Timeline for PMT:

  • December 17, 9-11am – Kickoff meeting for all members of the new PMTs (invitations will be sent shortly)
  • January 18 – Existing PMTs sunset
  • January 22 – Project portfolios transfer to new PMTs
  • February 1 – First meetings of PMTs occur by this date


  • Modernization 5 –year strategic plan
  • Janet gave heads up that there will be a request coming for county involvement in the strategic plan. And for clarity, this is a different plan that the ISBM roadmap.
  • The DHS Strategic Plan aligns nicely with the Modernization Stratregic Plan. DHS just posted the agency strategic plan to the public website: https://mn.gov/dhs/general-public/about-dhs/strategic-plan/
  • Presentation to AMC – Jane, Rachel, Kelly and Janet presented at AMC Conference at it went well. They adjusted the presentation after providing similar information to the MACSSA/AMC workgroup.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

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Data – Scott Jara

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