Modernization Update - July 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • SSIS modernization workgroup is in place. 22 Counties have expressed interest and the 2nd meeting is happening August 1st. SSIS APD update will be shared.
  • IT Alignment workgroup is meeting monthly. Starting to get Windows 10 support. Are getting a better understanding of the SSIS centralization project.
  • DADT met yesterday and are talking about Data Architecture. Discussed Data workflow and how it can be shared across entities. Michelle talked about them hiring a data alignment person. Her name is Lisa Barnish who starts the end of July.
  • PRISM Updates:
  • Data Warehouse projects are actually a collection of projects
  • Data “standards” for the future; Extract Transform Load; Operational Data Store (ODS); Data Warehouse/BI Analytics
  • Moving the current source system data (31 systems, including PRISM/MAXIS) into a parallel data warehouse (Hadoop)
  • Future analytics will be accessed through a portal
  • Will NOT decommission the current data warehouse until it is clear all reports out of new data warehouse meet new business needs
  • Planning of the APD is underway.
  • Work is currently underway for the Implementation Advanced Planning Document Update (IAPDU) that will request approval of the federal funding share of the costs for continuing modernization projects within the ISDS portfolio for the next fiscal year. The IAPDU presents a written plan of action to the federal government for Designing, Developing, and Implementing (or DDI) the ISDS. Establishing and updating an APD is a joint effort between DHS and MNIT Services and requires information that comes from several sources, including business, technical, finance, legal compliance and federal relations areas.
  • The Integrated Services Delivery Team did their last site visit to Grant County. We are having regular calls with Kresge Foundation who is helping us define more clearly the issues we need to tackle first and will help guide us toward the development of a plan and implementation strategy that will position us for success as we develop an Integrated Services Delivery Model. We are having a large meeting on July 17th to try and crank out a document on ISDS.
  • A number of manual process in METS that are rolling out that is causing a lot of work. Cannot automate for quite some time.
  • Launch of the new support plan is next week and we will see how the system will manage it.
  • Deploy recently of the supervisor workspace and that is not creating a whole lot of help for workers. Needed to happen though so when the two instances are put together it is ready.


Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

The governance structure of many of the groups are still being evaluated for effectiveness and alignment to the charter as well as the overall functionality. This will include ISDS, ESC, PMT, BADT, and the rest of the domain teams.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

The state cut to MnChoices has caused concerns and is impacting ability to move to 100%.

Supporting Materials:  


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