Modernization Update - June 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Update on Governance and Communication Planning for MACSSA; Modernization Steering Committee

-          There is a small team finalizing the charter and scope of the Steering Committee. Meetings will begin in the coming month or so with members from all of the various governance groups. One role clarification we are grappling with is when we need to speak for “MACSSA” representing multiple counties and when we speak from our specific county perspective.

-          Meanwhile the state is working on getting the next APD finalized; there will be a special MACSSA Steering Committee to allow time for conversations and feedback amongst county members of the various teams.

IHSM (Integrated Human Services Modernization) ESC (Executive Steering Committee)

-          The primary task right now is to review projects from MMIS, METS, and ISDS in order to provide a recommendation for priorities of the APD. Presentations and prioritization from the various Program Management Teams have occured – costs are going to be a huge a factor.

EAB (Enterprise Architecture Board)

-          Will soon be reviewing recommendations for the APD proposals.

Legacy systems conversations

-          A meeting was held to discuss the pros/cons of using leveraging legacy systems to create incremental changes that move us in a positive direction towards modernization. This does not negate the work being done in Curam (for example), but rather how do use what works well.

-          One conversation point is the narrative to this point that legacy systems need to be replaced because they are outdated, people don’t know them anymore, etc.. These statements may be true; but it’s also true leveraging aspects of what those systems do well may help get us to a new modern system more effectively.

ISBM (Integrated Services Business Model)

-          An ISBM webcast is publically available. In light of other conversations happening around potential of legacy systems, narrative may need to be revisited and possibly re-worked.

-          Working on a plan for how to engage effectively with AMC commissioners – clarity of alignment and endorsement. Submitted a proposal for the AMC conference in the fall.


-          PDM is being delayed – Counties are working with the state to articulate field or validation testing. Also working with AMC to ensure coordination and communication around this issue.

DIGT (New data team replacing DADT)

-          new tool to work with the data warehouse is being explored;

-          a county survey was completed describing how counties are using EDMS

-          Pilot projects to work in the Office of Inspector General; entering into APD process as well.

-          Nice work has been done on some mock-ups for new business intelligence portal available to state and counties.


-          EDMS –Some print issues have been occuring with MNChoices – originally counties were told it’s a local problem. MN.IT now believes it is a MNChoices issue; they are working on a resolution. They want to resolve now to avoid carrying over into MNChoices 2.0.

-          There was a survey on MNChoices 2.0 to assess how people were feeling about new version and identify gaps.  Won’t necessarily be able to apply all feedback but they want to get a sense of concerns to try to address. More communication coming on 2.0.

-          State is recognizing reports out of MNChoices is too canned and counties should have the ability to pull data they find helpful and design reports. It came up because of re-assessments and a need for a current list that may change daily.

-          A known issue - there is a long pause people are experiencing where system doesn’t move – MN.IT reports it’s a technical issue, they are aware and working on it.


-          The planning APD – feasibility study is in the Feds hands. DHS is working on a response to some questions from the feds. They are looking at the feasibility of what they can and cannot do for child support – financial vetting and case management mechanisms as well as client portals.

-          Technology change they need to make decisions on SSIS server centralization is on hold – think it’s temporary hold


-          They haven’t yet settled on a new platform; question of centralization is on hold.

-          Unanimous vote on cost allocation – that was approved.

-          Question about purging cases came up. If there was a glitch on SSIS the direction is not to destroy until purged from the system.

IT Alignment meeting – no report, meeting was cancelled.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

Nothing right now          

New Trends in This Area:  

APD is driving a lot of questions and efforts at this time. 

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

In the new IT governance structure, the Integrated Human Services Modernization Executive Steering Committee (IHSM ESC), in consultation with the Business Architecture Domain Team (BADT), is responsible to determine the new function-based Program Management Team (PMT) structure for modernization work. The original governance transition timeline had targeted having the new PMTs in place by June 1, and to sunset existing PMTs at that time. The IHSM ESC has been meeting frequently. Recognizing the need to allow enough time to first determine the new PMT structure and sort through the details of the transition, the governance transition sponsors, Chuck Johnson and Greg Poehling, have approved an extension. This conversation will be picked back up once APD process is complete.

Legislative Impacts:  There are some financial limitations that may inform future legislative needs. 

Supporting Materials:  


Marti Fischbach – Modernization Co-Lead; IHSM ESC Co-chair

Brad Vold – Modernization Co – Lead; BADT member

Gary Sprynczynatyk – SSIS

Scott Jara – Data/DIGT

Chris Lancrete – IT Alignment; IHSM ESC member

Deb Huskins – Mets; BADT co-chair

Todd McMurray – PRISM

Julie Ellis – MnChoices

Jane Hardwick, Nicole Names, Denise Moreland - EAB


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