Modernization Update - November 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

Five Year Strategic Planning is well under way and had four intense days of phone calls and meetings.


  • Server Centralization:  Are adding Counties. The STATE will hold the Citrix licenses.  Hope to complete by mid-2018 SSIS modernization workgroup is in place. Morrison will be joining Citrix in late October. Have identified twenty other Counties. They will contact those Counties and hope to have them done by February 2018. May make it easier for providers to access SSIS when a County moves to Citrix Centralization.

Data Architecture Design Team:

  • Lisa Barnidge has started and is becoming familiar with the four data sets.
  • Work on getting Adobe Experience Forms to work for electronic forms.
  • Trying to leverage the Tableau tool. Licensing has become an issue.
  • BADT and DADT had a join meeting and getting feedback from them on what we need data for. Identify of a client and where they are were the two primary sources.    

IT Alignment workgroup

  • Chris and Vince will be presenting to MACSSA membership on the efforts of this group in December.
  • Blue Zone Scripts rollout was discussed and the challenges with Windows 10. Mn.IT may now be willing to support or at least discuss what support would look like. Responsibility will be with Erik Macy of Mn.IT to see what IT support would look like. At the meeting gave him a lot of bullet points to look at. Windows 10 Defender is updated every six months and may be a larger issue with Counties moving to Windows 10. Deborah will follow up with Greg Poehling.
  • If Counties are looking for a unique identifier they should look to SMI. It will be around for a while. Might have to see about an education campaign to share with Counties so they feel more comfortable.

Integrated Service Business Model

  • The Integrated Services Delivery Team presented the final model at the November MACSSA meeting and the membership by consensus was good with it. Both DHS and MACSSA understand that this is final product, it will continue to be adjusted based on the technology, but all Counties thought it provided a standard for us manage.  
  • Michelle Weber and the ISDS team have been taking model to each Department within DHS. The Leadership team and DHS will see the final product the middle of November and given a final opportunity to discuss concerns.
  • Also discussed electronic forms and will do a survey to gather information on how they are working with electronic forms.


  • Sherburne maymar be piloting MnChoices 2.0 the third week in November?
  • Some on-going frustrations with the system going down, even when it’s scheduled, that makes it difficult to workers who sometimes have to re-vise their work with customers.


  • Moving to a single instance and they are now on the same version of Curum. Plan is to move to the single instance in July, 2018. It is taking staff away from other areas which has become a bit of a burden. The project is in red status and there are a number of differences that need to be approved. 

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  None right now.

New Trends in This Area:  

  • DHS, MACSSA and Mn.IT are creating the 5 year strategic plan and should have it done by early December for all to view and provide some final thoughts. This will allow for improved governance and collaboration as we move forward on modernization.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • Continued MnChoices technology challenges for staff.
  • Mn.IT and MACSSA need to discuss Blue Zones and the ability of the State to support the scripts.

Legislative Impacts:  

  • Funding for systems modernization. 

Supporting Materials:  NA

Contacts(s):  Brad Vold and Marti Fischbach
SSIS – Gary Sprynczynatyk; PRISM - Todd McMurray; Chisago MnChoices – Julie Ellis; METS/MAXIS – Deb Huskins; Technology – Chris Lancrete/Hennepin
Data – Scott Jara

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