Modernization Update - November 2018

Key Highlights in this topic/WORKGROUP for the PREVIOUS month:

Update on Governance and Communication Planning for MACSSA

 Modernization Steering Committee

Meeting was held 11/6/18

Highlights are action items.


·        MACSSA Reps for PMTs

  • The deadline for PMTs was 11/9/18. So far, only Dan Jensen of Olmsted County volunteered. There are 4 PMTs needing 2 county reps each. The 6 PMTs that will be set up are: Direct Care and Treatment (DCT) (no county reps needed), Healthcare Eligibility (there are 2 county reps, Kari Ouimette & Tiffinie Miller), Information & Data (Dan Jensen volunteered, need 1 more county rep), Infrastructure, People, Services & Payments.
  • We started to talk about how to provide county input if we can’t staff all of the PMTs. No definitive solutions came forward. Next steps:
    • Check in to see if we get enough volunteers

If not…Is there a way to leverage people in current governance groups to cover those topics

Is there an alternate way we could get info/provide input that we could propose to the state

  • Modernization 5 –year strategic plan
    • Janet gave heads up that there will be a request coming for county involvement in the strategic plan. And for clarity, this is a different plan that the ISBM roadmap.
  • METS Updates from County PMT members
    • The LOE (level of effort) review for what it will take for METS to be “operationally sufficient” is not yet completed. MN.IT is working on it. This was a request from EAB to the METS team.
    • The PDM assessment team is finalizing our report out on the one-time turn-on-turn-off with a recommendation that we can move forward – turn-on for full implementation.
  • Presentation to AMC – Jane is working on putting this together. Any questions/feedback/input can go to Jane.
  • Retreat coming up on 12/4 for the MACSSA Modernization Steering Committee – some topics:
    • How is the governance structure working so far
    • What is the role of each group and what can they hope to influence
    • Follow-up to fall conference – what’s next
    • What’s coming up in 2019
    • What is our communication strategy moving forward?


Requested Actions needed from MACSSA in the next month:

Nothing right now          


Communication and education with AMC is a focus right now as well as trying to figure out if counties collectively have the bandwidth to fill all the governance roles.

Issues/Concerns regarding this topic this month:

Going through some growing pains with regards to now that we are being included in so much of the governance structure, how do we find the capacity to fill all of the roles.

Legislative Impacts:

There are some financial limitations that may inform future legislative needs

Bulletins, Publications, or supporting materials to be included with this update: (Please attach to the email sent with this report.)

CONTACTS (For Topic Groups):

Marti Fischbach – Modernization Co-Lead; IHSM ESC Co-chair

Brad Vold – Modernization Co – Lead; BADT member

Jane Hardwick, Stephanie Radtke, Denise Moreland - EAB

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