Modernization Update - October 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  


  • CMS sent notification on Sept. 21 that they've approved the Implementation Advanced Planning Document Update (IAPDU) submitted at the end of July. The approval provides federal funding for a share of the costs to help continue modernization projects for the 2018 federal fiscal year.


  • Technology is moving back to business side.
  • Server Centralization:  now with MNPrairie (3 counties) and Freeborn. The STATE will hold the Citrix licenses.  Hope to complete by mid-2018 SSIS modernization workgroup is in place. Morrison will be joining Citrix in late October. Have identified twenty other Counties. They will contact those Counties and hope to have them done by February 2018. May make it easier for providers to access SSIS when a County moves to Citrix Centralization.

Data Architecture Design Team:

  • Meetings have been scarce and may be due to the reset of governance.

IT Alignment workgroup

  • Chris and Vince will hopefully be presenting to MACSSA membership on the efforts of this group in December.
  •  IT Alignment is discussing Kiosks and what is happening on a statewide basis or other self-help tools.
  • Will be discussing SSIS centralization.
  • Blue Zone Scripts rollout will be discussed and the challenges with Windows 10. Mn.IT may now be willing to support or at least discuss what support would look like.
  • Shared Master Index staff will share the role of identifiers in modernization.

Integrated Service Business Model

  • The Integrated Services Delivery Team presented a draft final model at the MACSSA fall conference and received some good feedback. Will present at meeting on 10/11 and hopefully finish a final draft for MACSSA to approve in November.
  • Michelle Weber and the ISDS team have been taking model to each Department within DHS.


  • Talked with Pam on the setting of Priorities and concerned about resources. Working hard on MnChoices 2.0.
  • Working on the support plan.
  • Some on-going frustrations with the system going down, even when it’s scheduled, that makes it difficult to workers who sometimes have to re-vise their work with customers.

Child Support/PRISM

  • Child Support Division is still waiting to move forward with the Planning Advance Planning Document (PAPD), and are working with the Functional Model and Human Services Delivery Model. In a nutshell, CSD is still in a holding pattern, at the moment. On hold until 5 year strategic plan is done.


  • Moving to a single instance and they are now on the same version of Curum. Plan is to move to the single instance in July, 2018.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

  • The governance structure of many of the groups are still being evaluated for effectiveness and alignment to the charter as well as the overall functionality. This will include ISDS, ESC, PMT, DADT, BADT, and the rest of the domain teams.
  • A high priority is figuring out the work of aligning the 2 Curam instances. MN.IT made a strong case earlier in the year for getting this done sooner than later. A well-resourced plan is coming together to accomplish this.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • Continued MnChoices technology challenges for staff.
  • None to share with this update.

Legislative Impacts:  

  • Funding for systems modernization.

Supporting Materials:  


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