Modernization Update - September 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  


  • DHS Child Safety and Permanency has decided to modernize SSIS with new CCWIS protocols as their best option (versus do nothing and lose federal funding, or convert to a new CCWIS platform and add SSIS).
  • The next thing would be the conversion then of the latest SSIS version - - into the Curam product/platform maybe in 2021-2022…
  • Server Centralization:  now with MNPrairie (3 counties) and Freeborn; adding another county per month to start, then 2 per month, then up to 4 counties per week.  Will require CITRIX access for all then.  The STATE will hold the Citrix licenses.  Hope to complete by mid-2018 SSIS modernization workgroup is in place. Morrison is looking to join Citrix in early October.
  • 17.2 was just installed and seemed to go smooth after initial bumps.
  • 9/7/16 DHS did an RFP to providers to bring SSIS up to CACWAS compliant.

IT Alignment workgroup

  • IT Alignment workgroup is meeting monthly. Vince Traverse from McLeod has agreed to co-chair the group.
  • Had a presentation on the Integrated Services Business Model.
  • Talked with Chris Lancrete about presenting to MACSSA membership on the efforts of this group. Looking at December.
  •  IT Alignment is discussing Kiosks and what is happening on a statewide basis or other self-help tools.

Integrated Service Delivery work at the state

  • The Integrated Services Delivery Team has put on a number of presentations on the new Integrated Services Business Model and is seeking input on the draft model.
  • There are many more stakeholder groups on the list to obtain feedback; including an interim update and opportunity at the MACSSA conference in October.
  • Michelle Weber and the ISDS team will be taking the model to each Department within DHS to give them an opportunity. They are including county team members as part of the presentation whenever possible.


  • MnChoices modernization contact is Pam Erkl. We did provide some updates and suggestions at our July MACSSA meeting. DHS has not really thought about that.
  • Had a conversation with Pam about the Assessment will be an integrated tool.
  • Some on-going frustrations with the system going down, even when it’s scheduled, that makes it difficult to workers who sometimes have to re-vise their work with customers.

Child Support/PRISM

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  None at this time.

New Trends in This Area:  

  • The governance structure of many of the groups are still being evaluated for effectiveness and alignment to the charter as well as the overall functionality. This will include ISDS, ESC, PMT, DADT, BADT, and the rest of the domain teams.
  • A high priority is figuring out the work of aligning the 2 Curam instances. MN.IT made a strong case earlier in the year for getting this done sooner than later. A well-resourced plan is coming together to accomplish this.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

  • Continued MnChoices technology challenges for staff.
  • None to share with this update.

Legislative Impacts: 

  • Funding for systems modernization.


Supporting Materials:  MACSSA and DHS Meeting Re: pace of modernization Notes 
MACSSA and DHS Meeting Summary


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