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Modernization Update - September 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Update on Governance and Communication Planning for MACSSA; Modernization Steering Committee

We had our second meeting on Tuesday, September 4th. The minutes are below.

Present: Tiffinie Miller, Eric Ratzmann, Marti Fischbach, Bill Calmbacher, Chris Lancrete, Denise Moreland, Deborah Huskins, Brad Vold, Rachel Grimes?, Stephanie Radke, Kari Ouimette, Corinne Dahl, Jane Hardwick, Erik Erikson, Bina Nikrin facilitating.

Not available: Andrea Zuber, Mike Oanes, and Scott Jara

Highlights are action items.


  • EAB Modernization Goals (Denise Moreland, Jane Hardwick, Stephanie Radtke, and Marti Fischbach were in attendance and gave brief updates):
    • The Modernization Strategic plan that was developed in early 2018 created some focus in the area of key initiatives: Governance, Engagement, and Innovation.
    • EAB held a retreat on August 10th. In addition to EAB members, some additional people were invited including the county members on the METS ESC, as well as the co-chairs of the I-ESC. At the retreat further work was done to develop strategies to attain the goals. This work provided the foundation for an intense working group to develop a roadmap for the ISBM and work on 1, 3, and 5 year goals. There are 4 county reps on this group in addition to Bina Nikrin who is working in a coordination role with MACSSA. 
  • ISBM Roadmap
    • Bina gave an update on the progress of the roadmap workgroup. The group is working on how to identify the appropriate level of detail to help guide the work.
  • METS Updates
    • PDM field trial

§  Governance

Partner through an accountable decision-making structure to ensure technologies support person-centered objectives.

§  Engagement

Engage the human services community’s expertise to build an inclusive, accessible delivery system that empowers Minnesotans to improve their lives.

§  Innovation

Enrich human services systems by sharing, encouraging and being open to new ideas, technologies, and processes at all levels.

PDM has rolled out for the field test stage. Early reports are that there are fewer cases with discrepancies than anticipated. However, too early to say. Closing notices have yet to be sent out. (Tiffinie Miller and Kari Ouimette)

  • Cúram Release Management
    • Deb gave an update on a proposal to have 3 update releases for the year rather than 4. The state believes there are more pros than cons such as more built in time for testing. County staff who have looked closely at this proposal have some concerns such as will the same amount of work get completed or will this slow down progress? If others have input, feel free to reach out to the county members if the METS PMT and METS ESC (Tiffinie Miller, Kari Ouimette, Janet Goligowski, and Deb Huskins).
  • APD next steps

Denise Moreland, as part of the EAB group, shared that she has been doing some thinking about criteria that could be used to evaluate APD projects to be funded. She will be sharing some of her ideas with the members of the MACSSA Modernization Steering committee for feedback. There was agreement that we’d like more criteria that helped align the Integrated Services Business Model (ISBM) with the APD process. 

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  Nothing right now

New Trends in This Area:  APD is driving a lot of questions and efforts at this time.

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  There are some financial limitations that may inform future legislative needs 

Supporting Materials:  


Marti Fischbach – Modernization Co-Lead; IHSM ESC Co-chair

Brad Vold – Modernization Co – Lead; BADT member

Jane Hardwick, Stephanie Radtke, Denise Moreland - EAB


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