SS Update - December 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  

Child Support Division (CSD)

Community Outreach

  • The next CSD Task Force meeting is on December 20 in St. Paul
  • The next Child Support Advisory Board meeting is on January 3


Highlights/New Initiatives

KMOJ Outreach – CSD staff continue to work on the monthly interviews for this campaign to educate listeners on a child support and other CFS topics. Although the division and KMOJ have a schedule of interview guests, it could change. Assistant Commissioner Koppel was interviewed on December 6 and the January interview guest will likely be Jodie Metcalf, Child Support Program manager/magistrate.


Ongoing Program Work

  • County Security Inspection Reports – Staff will wrap up the 2017 reports by the end of the month. This is a “desk audit” process in which a third of Minnesota’s counties answer questions on their security-related practices to identify compliance and non-compliance with IRS Publication 1075 requirements. Counties answer questions explaining their practices and the Child Support Audits and Security Coordinator asks further clarifying questions or makes recommendations. For issues not closed by December 31, staff create a Corrective Action Plan. Counties report on progress quarterly until their issues are resolved.
  • Training – CSD staff released the January – June 2018 training calendar. County staff can now sign-up for classes during that timeframe

 Economic Assistance and Employment Supports Division

  • DHS contracted with the Work Number to allow counties to continue to use this for verifying employment. It sounds like counties have used almost all of  contracted amounts of verifications.  DHS is exploring options for continuation and how to fund this.
  • Tikki Brown has been named the new SNAP Director at DHS.  This position has been vacant for serveral months but the previous director as Ramona Scarpace.
  • DHS met with MAFAS regarding agency overpayments to look at simplifying the process.  New guidelines will be coming after the first of the year.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  NA

New Trends in This Area:  NA

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic: NA  

Legislative Impacts:  NA

Supporting Materials:  See above.


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