SS Update - June 2017

Key Highlights This Month:  


In February, Counties received information from DHS that Minnesota received a federal bonus of 1.8 million dollars for our improved accuracy rate. DHS was just notified that FNS approved DHS’s plan for spending.  Therefore, county allocation amounts should be announced shortly.  

Child Care

Projected 2017 Basic Sliding Fee Program Spending based on April expenditures:  

Agencies projected to overspend in 2017:   None

Agencies projected to spend between 90% and 100% in 2017:  11

Agencies projected to spend between 70% and 90% in 2017:  34

Agencies projected to spend below 70% in 2017:  35

Child Support

Child Support Program at Pine Tech is underway.  Internships will begin in January -

Internship is 288 hours.

First group of students will submit resume with 3 preferred counties to program coordinator in mid-November.

First group of students will be looking to begin their internship hours in January.

There are three metro students in the first cohort.

County supervisors will receive resumes from the program coordinator and can opt to conduct interviews.

County supervisors can offer or decline, with decision communicated by program coordinator.

Schedule determined between county and intern. Only needs to reach 288 hours by end of semester.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  


In regard to the shelter changes on MAXIS, Hennepin has noticed that the shelter changes have made a simple process become complicated, and this is a watch point at this point.

Legislative Impacts:  


E and T- voluntary enrollment did not pass legislation this year, it will remain a mandatory program for ABAWDs with others being able to volunteer to be part of the program.  There will be no changes at this time for E and T services. 

Child Care

Results of legislative session:

Transitional Year CCAP will include education/schooling as an approved activity for CCAP.  Effective 10/23/17.

Eliminated increases in copayments during 12 month redetermination period.  Family’s CCAP copayments may go down, but cannot go up.  Effective 10/23/17.

Continue CCAP for 3 months when work or education activity ends permanently.  Effective 12/18/17.

Expanded criteria and funding for Minnesota Early Learning Scholarship program. These scholarships can be a support to families on our BSF waiting lists or for those who don’t qualify for CCAP.

Some, but not all, of the federal compliance measures were approved. Changes include 12 month redeterminations and extended eligibility periods in certain circumstances.  Effective 10/23/17.  MEC2 will automatically add six months onto those that are up for renewal. The CCAP appropriations was increased to cover the estimated additional costs.

Measures will be put in place that guide the use of second providers.  Limits the amount of care when a child has more than one provider.  Payment for care with the secondary provider will be limited to 20 hours.  Care with the primary provider will not be reduced.  Does not apply to families using legal non-licensed providers as their secondary provider.  Effective 4/23/18.  The state assumes that this will result in cost savings. Whether or not these savings actually occur, the legislature reduced the CCAP appropriations in line with the assumed statewide cost savings.

Children of Center Employees- currently CCAP cannot pay for children to attend a child care center where their parent works, if more than 50% of the children attending the center receives CCAP and are children of center employees.  The new change restricts payments to children of center employees to 25 or few children.  Effective July 2017. 

The MFIP Child Care Program is a forecast program, so the state will save the money if it costs less than expected or find the money if it costs more.

The Basic Sliding Fee is managed by counties. As a result of the increases and decreases, the total BSF appropriation will go up as follows (New county BSF allocations reflecting this net increase should be released by DHS fairly soon):

SFY 2018          SFY 2019

Program Integrity                (431,000)      (3,920,000)

Federal Conformity           +1,752,000      +4,928,000

NET BSF INCREASE            $1,321,000      $1,008,000

Supporting Materials:  

SNAP E&T legislative report from February 2017   


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