Self-Sufficiency Update - August 2018

Key Highlights This Month:  

Child Support:

  • August is Child Support Awareness Month – This year the division plans to highlight the Governor’s proclamation, two county child support directors appearing on KMOJ, the new parenting expense adjustment law, and the driver’s license outreach letter.
  • The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement approved the division’s Planning Advanced Planning Document (PAPD) which documented plans for the division’s system modernization efforts.
  • The division is beginning the RFP process for its System Modernization feasibility study, genetic testing services, and Access and Visitation grant.
  • The Child Support Payment Center and Financial Operations Division posted an RFP for a new receipting vendor.

 Child Care Assistance Program/CCAP

  •  On August 10, 2018 DHS CCAP published a memo “Child Care Assistance Redetermination Processing Guidance – VERSION 2” The intent of this guidance is to further refine guidance and best practices in processing redeterminations in light of system changes and updates made to improve system functionality. DHS CCAP also published a memo “Income changes and copay functionality” to provide additional guidance regarding processing income changes in MEC². Release of these memos coincided with system changes installed to improve functionality to better apply new policies.
  •  A system enhancement requested by CCAP agencies to have Case Note Templates populate in MEC2 for consistent case note practices between agencies is moving forward. DHS CCAP has requested feedback from CCAP agencies and template language is being finalized by the stakeholder group.
  •  DHS is in the process of implementing Certification requirements for license exempt centers. The first stage of the roll out requires newly registering license exempt centers to apply for certification before they can register for CCAP. The second stage, beginning October 1, 2018, requires providers to be certified before they can register for CCAP. For more information, see Bulletin 18-68-13 Certification requirements for license exempt child care centers paid by the Child Care Assistance Program.
  •  DHS drafted Minnesota’s 2019-2021 Federal CCDF plan. Public hearings to discuss Minnesota’s draft plan were held on April 23 (daytime) and April 25 (evening). Public comments will continue to be accepted through June 8. More details is available on the DHS website. People who want to be involved and to receive regular updates can send an email to CCDFReform@state.mn.us and ask to be added to the list serve. The federal office has extended the deadline to submit the plan to August 31, 2018.
  •  DHS CCAP is implementing additional changes that passed in the 2017 legislative session:
  •  Maximum Rates change for St. Cloud and Sartell was effective July 2, 2018. A bulletin was published June 28, 2018. System changes were installed in MEC² in early June to implement this change.
  • Changes in counting the income for new spouses will be effective December 1, 2018. DHS CCAP is working with MFIP staff to implement this change. A bulletin will be published later this year.
  • DHS is in the process of reaching out to counties for mid-year contact who are projecting BSF spending between 80-90%,  100% without a waiting list, or and 100% with a waiting list.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  N/A

New Trends in This Area:  

Child Support:

  • CSD is one of many donors and is participating at the Festival for Fathers and Families in Minneapolis on August 11.
  • On August 9, the Point-of-Sale initiative received a 2018 State Government Innovation Award from the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The initiative makes it easier for parents who use cash to make their child support payments through PayNearMe and MoneyGram vendors and reduces the time and costs to process these payments.
  • The CSD Training unit launched a successful pilot of a new Effective Workplace Communications course.

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Legislative Impacts:  N/A

Supporting Materials:  

Child Care Assistance:

See Bulletin #18-68-08 for changes that took effect July 2, 2018: Child Care Assistance Program Maximum rates – St. Cloud and Sartell

See Bulletin #18-68-13 for changes that took effect August 1, 2018: Certification requirements for license exempt child care centers paid by the Child Care Assistance Program


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