Self-Sufficiency Update - July 2019

Key Highlights This Month:  

  • DHS CCAP issued a memo on July 2 informing agencies that Child death, substantiated maltreatment and serious injury incident reporting for 2nd Quarter (April thru June) is due July 31.
  • DHS CCAP is scheduling in-person training on training topics resulting from the Training Survey that workers had the opportunity to complete last month. Trainings will be in held in late August and September. Workers should watch for training registration information within the next few weeks. The survey results highlighting interest for training topics will be shared at July Mentor meeting.
  • DHS is working on coordinating several changes to MEC². Some changes are related to policy changes and others are necessary system updates to ensure on-going support and capacity of MEC² and MAXIS. The department is requesting workgroup members from local agencies to serve as an advisory body and perform user acceptance testing of system changes. This would be an on-going commitment and workgroup for the foreseeable future. See below for requested actions needed from MACSSA in the next month.

MFIP Biennial Service Agreement to be released in mid-July

  • Counties and tribes will have to submit completed Biennial Service Agreements that are county board or tribal government approved by October 15.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA: 

DHS CCAP would like to convene a county worker advisory group to support business requirements development and validation of upcoming systems changes, provide feedback on tools and resources to implement new policies, and share ideas of other innovations to streamline and simplify local service delivery. We are looking for 10-12 members from a variety of local agencies including urban, suburban and rural Minnesota counties. Ideally this group would include ground-level workers who interact with clients and the system daily. Meetings will occur every 4-8 weeks starting in August. Workgroup names should be submitted to Nicole Frethem at nicole.j.frethem@state.mn.us.

Seeking volunteers for a short policy manual project

The Economic Assistance and Employment Supports Division has been re-writing the MFIP and DWP Employment Services manual.  The new manual will include a chapter specifically for managers.  We would like to have a few county human services managers to participate in a couple of meetings to help decide what information managers would like to find in that chapter and to review the information for clarity and relevance.  We are also reaching out to employment services managers.  If you are interested contact Deborah Schlick at Deborah.schlick@state.mn.us.

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

Substantial changes to the CCAP program were passed this legislative session, including changes to:

  • Implement 12-month continuous eligibility for all families, including those who move to counties with BSF waiting lists (12/2019), who are not currently eligible for Transition Year child care after MFIP closes (03/2020), and children who age out during their 12 month-eligibility period (06/2020).
  • Create an expedited application process for families that are homeless that reduces verification and activity requirements for the first three months. (09/2020)
  • Establish due process for child care providers (02/2021)
  • Clarify and strengthen program integrity requirements and policies (most effective 07/2019)

Many of these changes are required for Minnesota to comply with federal law. Changes to provider reimbursement rates did not pass this legislative session. If rates are not increased to at least the 25th percentile by Sept. 30, 2020, Minnesota may face federal penalties for non-compliance.


A memo detailing these changes was sent to local agencies and is posted on CountyLink.

Provider notification is done via:

  • DHS email subscription list for Registered Child Care Assistance program issues and policy changes.
  • Mailing to registered providers
  • Information posted on the DHS public web

Supporting Materials:  

A bulletin to clarify in-kind income for MFIP and DWP was released in June: Bulletin 19-11-02.

Additional bulletins this summer will address:

  • Homelessness as a good cause reason for not sanctioning in MFIP
  • Clarification on eligibility guidance for DWP
  • Revised guidance on Agency Error overpayments in cash programs


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