Housing & Transportation Update - June 2019

Key Highlights This Month:   

Attendees:  George Borrell, Anoka; Markus Klimenko, Hennepin; Deborah Huskins, Hennepin; Daniel Fox, Scott; Eric Ratzmann, DHS; Erin Sullivan-Sutton, DHS; Kristine Davis, DHS; Mike Willie, Wadena; Tim Hunter, Olmsted; Tanya Leskey, Wadena


A)      Transportation Discussion:  None

B)      Transportation Forums?                                No suggestions


  1. Housing Support Changes (new legislation)
    1. Kristine Davis reviewed the legislative changes to Housing Supports.  Some are as of July 1, 2019 and others will phased in over the next year.  DHS is doing a presentation on the changes via WebEx :

Date and Time:  Tuesday June 25, 10:30 a.m. to noon

Audience:  Housing Support providers

DHS location:    444 Lafayette, St. Paul, MN, Room 3148

If attending in person, please RSVP to laura.fox@state.mn.us. Seating is limited.



Webex    Option: Register here to watch on your own computer:






The Power Point of the presentation will be available on the DHS web site.

  1. Assisted Living License (new legislation):  MDH will start licensing Assisted Livings as of 8/1/2021.  Stay tuned for more details.
  2. Other Housing related legislative changes:  OEO will be releasing information on available grant funding for shelter services and outreach.  $1M in one-time money.
  3. Community Living Infrastructure Grant Update/Discussion
    1. Collectively state wide, all grant applications totaled close to $13 Million with only $4.2 M for the next 24-month grant cycle.  Grant contracts should be out to counties very soon.
    2. No additional grant opportunities currently.  There may be potential for funding through HSAMI.  No details currently. 
    3. Housing Stabilization Services:  Submitted additional information to CMS on June 20th.  Target date is still genitively set for 1/1/2020. 
    4. Unsheltered discussion:  Scott Co. is looking at options for a shelter.  Nothing concrete.  The Metro County Human Services Directors have approved the RMC to move forward with the development of a plan to use “Demo Beds” as part of responding to the people who are unsheltered and riding the metro transit system.  This is a collaborative with DHS, Metro HRA and Metro Transit.  Erin encouraged greater MN counties to pay attention to philanthropic organizations that are looking to fund startup costs of supportive housing services and related costs. 
    5. Other Housing discussions?  None
    6. Housing Forum Proposals
      1. Olmsted County HRA-Creating a Robust Housing Landscape (Tim Hunter)
  • George will follow up with Tim (who had to leave early) to sketch out a proposal for August or September
  1. Community Living Infrastructure Panel

                                                               i.      DHS

                                                             ii.      Stern’s County (Community Action Team)

                                                           iii.      Regional Metro Collaborative (RMC)

                                                           iv.      Others? Clay, Olmsted, Tribes, CoC’s, St. Louise

                                                             v.      Housing Continuum; Funding Arm of COC; Community Arm

  • George will engage a subgroup to sketch out a Forum proposal for August or September

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

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George Borrell and Janet Goligowski

ISBM Update - July 2019

Key Highlights This Month:  

ISBM Implementation Staff Update

County Co-lead Role: DHS is working with MACSSA on options for filling this role.

County Stakeholder Engagement Roles: In addition to Tina Klaphake, DHS is seeking 1-2 more stakeholder engagement leads to be resourced through county reimbursement agreements.

Program Simplification County Program Simplification & Alignment Core Team Seat: One county member seat on the PSA Core Team remains open.

5x5 Design Branding Project

The final deliverable from firm 5x5 Design has been completed, concluding our work with them on this project. The deliverable is a 10-page verbal brand guideline, including key messages, brand essence statement, and proof points, all of which were developed after a series of stakeholder meetings, and then tested. The core team moving this work forward (DHS staff and myself) will continue to meet, in order to plan for applying this messaging across existing materials, and for how to incorporate it into future initiatives and opportunities.

Persona/Service Blueprinting Project Progress

The User Experience Design researchers have continued work, under Jane Davison, to build a suite of personas. The team has interviewed subject matter experts, beginning in the CCOA & CSA business areas, and has finalized scripts, templates and plans for interviews with frontline social service workers, people who receive social services designed and developed by DHS, and additional staff and leadership stakeholders (in all DHS areas, MNIT, counties, tribal nations). Personas will ultimately cross programs and demonstrate various complexities, and will contribute to current- and future-state service blueprints, journey maps, and other outputs.


If you have an interest in learning more about this work please contact Jane.Davison@state.mn.us (MNIT) or Ilya.Garelik@state.mn.us  (DHS)

Program Simplification Project Launched

Per previously shared plans, the Program Simplification and Alignment (PSA) Core Team launched its first project on June 24, Collected Program Information Inventory. This project will provide the baseline information necessary to articulate the first-year roadmap of eligibility-based simplification efforts, which are key to service integration. As the first project PSA has launched, it will also serve as a test for the PSA approach, and the team will capture learnings to take forward. The project will run for eight weeks, and is scheduled to conclude on August 16.

Please contact Jeffrey.Hendrix@state.mn.us  if you have additional questions or would like to engage in this workgroup.

Requested Actions Needed From MACSSA:  

New Trends in This Area:  

Issues/Concerns Regarding This Topic:  

Legislative Impacts:  

Supporting Materials:  

Contact(s):  Reach out to Christina.Klaphake@co.wright.mn.us  if you’d like to learn more, refresh yourself or have a project to share around Integrated Services.

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